How to Take Care of the Elderly Parents At Home

Seniors are people who are over 55 years old. They could be parents to adult children in most cases. At times, society considers people of this age as special because they may not only require psychical support but may require mental support as well. The best care one can give to their elderly parents is taking care of them at home. It reduces the chances of unfriendly caregivers harassing them.

Changes That Come With Old Age

As your parent’s age, they may need a lot of assistance ranging from helping them to deal with medical problems and taking them to the doctor, to managing conditions such as incontinence.

If your elderly parent needs to use an adult diaper every moment, you need to be there for them and offer both financial and emotional support. The health condition comes due to age or illness that affects urine and bowel movement control.

Senior citizens are also prone to falls, and an injury requiring supports or braces can also lead to incontinence issues. While this is not the only thing that summarizes how to take care of your parents, it brings a lot of change in a person’s life.

Your  parent’s caregiver can advise how to use adult briefs to curb problems related to lack of bladder or bowel control.

An adult brief or adult diaper from Wellness Briefs is a product designed to help people who have incontinence problems. Introducing your parents to the benefits of wearing adult diapers or briefs can be a sensitive issue to deal with. One should approach the topic with positivity to highlight the benefits they provide. Your parents may criticize the use of diapers, as people believe that diapers are only for infants and not adults. With them having been parents, needing to use diapers is likely to affect them psychologically. However, with an excellent loving approach, they will feel comfortable and their confidence will grow as they use them.

Caregivers need to encourage elderly parents to use diapers because, with time, it helps them to raise their self-esteem. Faecal and urinal discharge changes how one feels in social places. Briefs are designed to offer maximum protection while locking in the odour. Caregivers should also ensure that the adult diapers they chose for parents, should fit comfortably. Nothing can cause an embarrassing mess like a diaper that does not fit properly. They can cause leakages or could sag in a terrible way.

Adult briefs are not only worn by elderly parents, but also by people who have problems in mobility and by those who suffer with severe dementia as well. Dementia can rob the elderly of their ability to identify instances when they want to visit a toilet. Parents who are bedridden due to various health problems can also benefit from wearing adult briefs. Irritable bowels can cause problems for the elderly. Even those with some control over their bowels will need briefs, especially when they go out, as they cannot run to find a toilet in an emergency, and losing control of their bowels can cause them a big embarrassment.

Advantages of Adult Briefs to the Elderly Parents At Home


Adult briefs are designed to make them comfortable for the user, and provide negligible chances of irritation. Your parents can still engage in their daily activities as long as their mobility is not limited. Adult diapers are well aerated to avoid bad odours that are normally associated with diapers. No one can tell if a person is wearing one because briefs from leading brands like Wellness Briefs are invisible beneath clothes.


When using adult briefs a person is assured of safety as these briefs offer maximum protection. Whether it is faecal or urine incontinence, Wellness briefs have a high absorbency capacity to contain all liquids and discharge. These briefs are made using InconTek technology, which is inspired by NASA, making these diapers revolutionary products in the industry.

Available For Both Genders

Another key advantage is that the briefs from Wellness Briefs are designed for both the male and female genders. You can choose to buy those made specifically for women or men. They are usually perfect when your parents want to engage in outdoor activities. They can walk confidently and mingle with people without fear of leakages or release of a bad odour.

There are also certain briefs made for both genders. They are usually cheaper than the special ones. They work perfectly and can be used at home.

Makes traveling easy and comfortable

Adult briefs are perfect for patients who suffer from dementia as they can go to distant places without the fear of messing themselves in public areas. Your parents can use planes, trains, buses or drive with other family members and enjoy a vacation away from home.

Makes your parents peace of mind

Knowing that he or she will wet the bed can cause your parent a lot of mental stress. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night to a wet bed. Adult briefs will eliminate all these worries, and your parent can sleep peacefully whether at home or while away on a trip.

They are disposable

Wellness briefs are disposable. You just throw them away once they are soiled and put on a fresh one. This makes it easy to use adult diapers because you do not have to worry about cleaning faecal discharge or urine stained washable diapers.

Simple Steps on how to use briefs

  • Unfold the diaper properly

  • Place it from front to back

  • Adjust the briefs until comfortable

  • Tape the diaper once it’s tight and comfortable enough.

High levels of hygiene are essential when using adult briefs. It’s advisable that once done with the diaper; it should be disposed of as recommended.

How Help Support Your Elderly Parents Using Briefs

When buying briefs for your elderly parents, there are things that you must consider. They include the size; as adult briefs come in different sizes. So take measurements especially if it is your first day buying diapers. If your parents are not too comfortable with the diapers and do not want anyone to notice them, get them loose clothes. Wearing dark color clothes also help to make briefs invisible beneath their clothing. Nevertheless, with time, they will get used to the diapers. Make sure that diapers are changed regularly. This helps to prevent odor and irritation caused by saturation. In addition to that, buy diapers according to the time of use. The ones used at night tend to have higher absorbency and offer maximum protection. However, you might find them bulky and therefore not suitable for daytime use.

Get a lotion to keep the skin free of irritation that may be caused by diapers rash.


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