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Space Age Technology

Based on NASA Technology The Wellness Brief® and Underwear is based on the same principles as the Maximum Absorbency Garments (MAGs) developed by NASA.

In creating the MAG, NASA developed a super absorbent polymer capable of absorbing up to 60 times its own volume. Super absorbent material, like starch, is made from molecules that are banded together with millions of identical units.

 Watch a short video of the NASA inspired diaper.
Mag Details


The adult-sized diaper with extra absorption material is used because astronauts cannot remove their spacesuits during long operations. Three MAGs are given during space shuttle missions, one for during launch, reentry, and a spare in case reentry needs to be tried again.


How The MAG was created and Inspired the Wellness Brief®Watch a short 2 Min video on the diaper that NASA astronauts use in space for long missions to stay completely dry for hours. Or click here to watch on the How Stuff Works website.

Unlike other briefs that have a single core absorption system, The Wellness Brief has a triple layered core just as NASA's MAG so that all of the moisture is retained away from the skin in a separate layer and what is actually against the skin feels dry. This is what we call our InconTek® technology.

Keeping urine away from the skin is the key to preventing urinary tract infections, severe irritation, and many other incontinence related problems. (click here to learn more about incontinence related problems)

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