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EnvironmentalThe Unique Wellness® incontinence program is the most environmentally friendly available.

Since disposable diapers are discarded after a single use, usage of disposable briefs increased the burden on landfill sites, and increased environmental awareness about using regular disposable diapers. An estimated 27.4 billion disposable diapers are used each year in the US, resulting in a possible 3.4 million tons of used diapers adding to landfills each year. After a three-year, $360,000 study, a British based Environmental Agency concluded that disposable diapers have the same environmental impact as reusable diapers when the effect of laundering cloth diapers is taken into account. The Environment Agency said the main impact from cotton diapers came from the electricity and fuel used when washing and drying them. Aside from just using electricity and fuel for laundering cotton diapers, the need for laundering increases with leakage onto bed sheets. Even if bed pads are used, they will only increase landfill, and the need for more electricity and fuel to manufacture them.

One should also account for the vast amounts of the phosphates released into the global water supply from the laundry detergents used to clean all of these sheets and cloth diapers. This also includes pollution, electricity, and fuel from manufacturing these detergents, and to top it off all of these depleted laundry containers end up in landfills. Research conducted by Arthur D. Little, Inc. concluded that laundering a cloth diaper over the course of its lifetime consumes up to six times the water used to manufacture a single-use diaper. That water consumption, the authors said, is comparable in impact to the waste produced by disposables.

Wellness® Products reduce landfill by over 70%!!!

The multi-functional capabilities that the InconTek® technology we incorporate in to our products will reduce usage thus lower the amount of incontinence products added to landfill by over 70%!!! It will also dramatically reduce the carbon footprint from the fuel and electricity used for manufacturing briefs, bed pads, and laundering sheets. Additionally, researchers have confirmed that the super absorbent material that we use poses no risk to soil, groundwater, organisms or plant life and can be safely incinerated, serving as a fuel source without any adverse effect on boiler operations or stack emissions.

Unique Wellness® - Make a difference for yourself and the environment.


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