How to Encourage A Loved One to Wear Absorbent Underwear

Absorbent Underwear
Absorbent Underwear

Adult incontinence is now a prevalent health problem albeit a commonly overlooked one. Many individuals grapple with this problem in silence, and millions of families must provide care for their loved ones. Over 25 million Americans suffer from some form of urinary incontinence according to the National Association for Incontinence (NAI). The numbers could be higher considering many other people suffer from bowel issues. Also, there are those who do not want to come forward due to the stigma associated with adult incontinence. If you know someone suffering from adult incontinence, or have an incontinent person under your care, you can appreciate how taxing this situation can get. You may already be struggling to provide quality care for your elderly relative and when you add the incontinence problem into the equation, things get harder. Luckily, you can now rely on absorbent underwear to effectively manage adult incontinence.

Among the incontinence solutions available in the market, these diapers are the most affordable, effective and versatile in application. There are different diapers for various incontinence levels. This makes it easier to find a suitable one for your loved one.

Absorbent Underwear

While this effective underwear is readily available in the market, getting your loved one to wear it is another kettle of fish altogether. Most people refuse to wear these briefs because of their association with children, implied loss of control and old age. How do you get your loved one to wear this helpful underwear? This article highlights some ideas you should try.

  1. Discuss the Incontinence Issue

When caring for a loved one, it is important to build rapport and a close bond. It is very important especially for the elderly who are accustomed to their freedom. You need to appreciate that your elderly relative was once in full control of their body functions and the loss of that control affects them badly.

With this in mind, approach the issue of incontinence with finesse and discuss the possible causes. Tell your loved one that unlike in the past, it is now possible to manage the condition and live an active life. Encourage them by letting them know many people in the public eye now wear some form of incontinence protection to continue their usual lifestyle. The idea here is to make the topic easier to discuss and reduce the awkwardness that comes with the introduction of incontinence protection solutions.

  1. Check Your Language

If your loved one is living under your care in the house, make sure the word ‘diaper’ is not in your vocabulary. Avoid referring to any form of incontinence protection as a ‘diaper’ and instead stick to protective underwear, adult pull-ups, briefs, and underpants. The mention of diapers instantly conjures images of a child helplessly waiting to get a change, and your elderly relative will imagine this is the situation awaiting them.

You should remember that if your loved one resists the incontinence solution you have in mind, life is going to get worse for you. Let everyone in the house remember this and encourage them always to check their language when around the elderly relative.

  1. Buy a Sample for Demonstration

Before introducing the idea of adult underwear to your loved one, make sure you do some research and get an appropriately sized sample. The best brands offer free samples to help users get accustomed to the idea. After you introduce the idea of protective underwear, go ahead and show them how it works. The sample will help remove misconceptions about incontinence protection.

For most seniors, the idea of wearing any protective underwear is frightening. In their minds, they have images of bulky diapers like those worn by babies. Show them the sample and explain the design and construction. Emphasize on the lightweight design, the absorbent materials, and similarity of this underwear to regular underwear. Introducing this underwear using a sample is the easiest way to help your loved one accept the idea without much resistance.

  1. Discuss the Advantages Of Protective Underwear

While introducing the underwear sample, take time to recount the advantages of this incontinence protection solution. Talk about the freedom of movement if your relative is mobile. Tell them they can now attend their friend’s parties without worrying about embarrassing situations emanating from incontinence problems.

You should also tell them this protective underwear protects them from skin and urethra infections as well. It is essential to emphasize how important personal hygiene is and highlight how this protective underwear helps in this regard. Talk about odor protection technology, which helps the wearer stay fresh despite their incontinence problem.

By highlighting these benefits, you motivate your loved one and provide them with a new perspective on adult incontinence protection. It is a more effective technique to convince a loved one to wear protective underwear than any commercial advert out there. Your loved one trusts you and you have a better chance at convincing them to try the form of incontinence protection you have chosen.

  1. Give the Protective Underwear a Test Drive

When your loved one understands everything about absorbent underwear, go ahead and encourage them to give it a try. If they are mobile, plan an activity together. It could be shopping, visiting a friend, going to the park or anything else your loved one yearns to do.

Accompanying them boosts their confidence to try the protective underwear. If your loved one is immobile, you can still encourage a trial test to find out the efficiency and comfort level of the best diapers for elderly in incontinence product you have chosen.

  1. Visit a Doctor/ Specialist

Everyone respects a doctor’s opinion, and this could be the trump card you need to convince your loved one to wear protective underwear. Your relative will respect the opinion of a doctor and other care specialists. Go ahead to book an appointment and inform the doctor in advance about the problem if you find it hard to convince your loved one.

Absorbent underwear is an amazing solution for anyone suffering from adult incontinence. If you have an elderly relative under your care, this is the best method to restore their dignity. The protective underwear gives your loved one freedom to live a fuller life. Your loved one grows happier when they have such freedom and you will find it easier to provide better quality care. To convince them to wear any incontinence protection, make sure you approach the topic with a lot of finesse, work together and discuss the issue openly. If need be, talk to a doctor or care specialist and solicit their assistance to convince your loved one.

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