7 Reasons Why Unique Wellness Is ‘The’ Adult Diaper Store

Adult Diapers
Adult Diapers

Although many incontinence products are available in the market, you would not buy just any product only because they claim to offer unique qualities. Unique Wellness offers top quality and Cheap Diapers For Adults. With numerous stores online and in neighborhoods.

Why should you choose Unique Wellness?

Here are seven reasons to consider Unique Wellness incontinence products:

1. Use Of Space Age Technology
Unique Wellness makes use of the same technology that NASA uses when designing diapers for astronauts. The technology increases the rate of absorption for the diapers, ensuring that they absorb the maximum liquid. These diapers are also made of multiple layers to enhance their rate of absorption.

The polymer used in manufacturing these diapers can absorb over 60 times its own volume. This technology allows astronauts to work long hours in space without requiring to change their diapers. Similarly, adults who use diapers from Unique Wellness are assured the most prolonged period of dryness. He or she does not have to remove the diapers frequently. The use of multiple layers means that the layer that is in direct contact with the skin takes away moisture to keep your skin completely dry. This is the most advanced technology used in the manufacture of diapers.

2. Cost Effective Diapers
Are you looking for Cheap Diapers For Adults? Unique Wellness provides the lowest priced adult diapers in the market. The low price does not mean that their quality is low. The price is a result of consideration of customer needs and the desire to offer products that are accessible to as many people as possible.

Do not view cost in terms of the price quoted on the tag alone. The absorbent nature of these diapers means that you will be using fewer diapers in a day. This means that your budget for diapers will be lower. The absorbent nature also means that wearers are saved from troublesome skin diseases and discomfort. The price for Unique Wellness adult diaper packages is the best you can get on the market.

3. Award Winning Adult Diapers
Adult diapers by Unique Wellness have been recognized as the best in the market on various fronts, on several occasions. Unique Wellness received the MedTrade Innovative Product award, a recognition of adult diapers that use the best and most innovative technology. Some of the technology used in these products includes the NASA Space Age Technology that enhances absorption.

Unique Wellness products have also featured several times on the Discovery Channel. They were featured because they have changed the lives of wearers by providing comfort and a higher rate of absorption while still being cheap. These adult diapers have also won the Innovative Retail Products Award. The price focuses on ensuring that their products are available in the retail market to change the lives of users through innovation. These awards are indications of the value that Unique Wellness diapers are offering to their users. You can also check reviews to see customer responses regarding diapers they bought from the Unique Wellness store.

4. Skin Friendly Products
One of the greatest worries for people, who use adult diapers, is the reaction of the material with the skin. When left on the skin for a long time, incontinence waste can react with the skin, leaving the wearer with rashes. Unique Wellness diapers are made using high-quality absorbent materials. The material takes away all the moisture from the skin, leaving your skin dry.

The quality of the material used also determines how comfortable the wearer will be. Wearers can spend the entire day or long hours wearing diapers. Unique Wellness has researched the best materials available in the market. These materials are soft and non-irritating even to the most sensitive skin. It allows wearers to continue with their lives as though they are in normal clothing. Regardless of their age, wearers enjoy the best comfort day or night without the threat of rashes or discomfort, whether the diaper is fresh or has absorbed incontinence.

5. Environmentally Friendly Adult Diapers
There is a range of features that make Unique Wellness diapers the most environmentally friendly adult diapers in the market. For a person with the extreme case of incontinence, you will only need three changes in a day. This is because of the high absorbent polymer material used in the manufacture of these diapers. This means that you spend less on diapers and use fewer diapers in the long term. This reduces the size of landfills.

The technology and materials used to manufacture the diapers make the product extremely friendly to the environment. The materials discompose easily and fast, reducing the amount of toxic waste in the environment. This technology also reduces carbon footprints associated with disposing of diapers by over 70%. Some of the areas that witness the reduction include the cost of manufacture and the need as well as cleaning expenses associated with bed pads and bed sheets. Cheap Diapers For Adults from Unique Wellness are the most economical option you will find in the market.

6. Odor Free
The odor is a primary concern for many diaper users. The odor can cause stress and discomfort to people who wear diapers as well as to the people living with them. Unique Wellness diapers are made using the best technology to reduce odor. The unique layering system used in the manufacture ensures that the diapers are free of odor even after hours of use or being soaked in incontinence. Whether it is urine or fecal incontinence, the wearer or people around will not experience any odor. These products guarantee this comfort to their users.

7. Dynamic Products
Each client has unique needs based on his type of incontinence and its severity. Unique Wellness produces dynamic products for different situations and needs. For example, there are briefs, diapers, pull-ups, under-pads, and other products as well. There are also products for mild incontinence, medium, and severe incontinence. With clear labeling and unique pricing, you are sure to buy the right product for your needs. This ensures that you enjoy excellent value for money.

There are more reasons to buy your diapers from Unique Wellness beyond the fact that the company provides cheap diapers for adults. Check reviews for reliable customer experience, to confirm that Unique Wellness offers the best incontinence products. This is the best brand for all your incontinence needs.


7 Best Leak-Free Overnight Diapers for Dry Sleeping

According to the American Urological Association (AUA), over 33 million adult Americans suffer from overactive bladder syndrome. This means that adult incontinence is now among the most common of medical problems. People suffering from adult incontinence have much more to worry about than an involuntary loss of urine. They suffer from issues with low esteem, loss of professional opportunities, poor social life, and skin health problems among other issues. When not managed properly, incontinence in adults also leads to a poor quality of life. Overnight adult diapers come in handy as the best line of defense when dealing with adult incontinence. They enable users to enjoy a comfortable dry night to guarantee they recuperate enough energy and confidence to face a new day.

When selecting the best overnight diaper, you should look for high absorbency levels as well as a leak-free design and construction. With so many similar products in the market, buying the right one becomes an overwhelming task. However, you can now choose a leak-free and high absorbent diaper from among top rated products. So which products are top rated? Let us have a look:

Top Best Overnight Diapers for Dry Sleeping –

1. Prevail Overnight Diapers for Women
The diapers by Prevail, a leading brand in the market, are among the most absorbent diapers for adults. The company has become a trendsetter and for years, has launched cutting-edge products to match those of other leading brands. Among the most popular products by Prevail are their overnight diapers that suit moderate levels of incontinence.

These diapers have a quick-wicking core to guarantee you stay dry throughout the night; and because they pull up like ordinary underwear, there is little risk of leaks. This product is also perfect for those with sensitive skin because of the Skin Smart fabric used in their construction.

2. Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-Ons
Tranquility is a leading brand in diaper manufacture. They always use innovative technology in all their products. When you choose to use their diapers, you will find that Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-Ons make use of amazing features in all their products. These include inner and outer leg cuffs – to prevent leaks, elastic around the waist, upper hip, and legs for a tighter fit – which prevents leaks, a peach mat core for quick absorption and odor control among others.

The user of these overnight diapers will also find the high absorbency levels very convenient as they do not have to worry about leaks, skin irritation and other problems associated with poor moisture absorption in diapers. The absorption capacity of the Tranquility premium overnight pull-ons is large and all products pass the highest C.U.P (capacity under pressure) absorption tests. If you want to buy a leak-free diaper to use overnight, try a product from Tranquility and enjoy peaceful nights always.

3. Depend Night Defense
Depend is one of the biggest brands in diaper manufacture and they have an impressive range of products for adults. Among the most popular diapers in their range is the Depend Night Defense, which promises and delivers a leak-free night. These disposable leak-proof diapers are ideal if you have someone under your care that needs incontinence protection. They fit small and it is thus important to take waist measurements carefully before going to the store to buy them.

These incontinence diapers offer lightweight to heavy protection for a good night’s sleep, by using patented Confidence Core technology, guaranteeing fast absorption for a dry night. The Form-fitting LYCRA ensures a snug fit, which prevents leaks while sleeping. The improved waistband is another feature, which makes these diapers a great choice if you want to enjoy a leak-free night. The Outstanding nighttime protection traps not only moisture but also odor and there are different sizes to suit different users.

4. Night Proofs® All-Night Incontinence Briefs
Night Proof® is not a brand found on every other list reviewing top diapers. However, that is not reason enough to ignore their products. As the name suggests the design and material used in the manufacture of these diapers, aim at providing a comfortable dry night. The product promises to absorb all liquids released during the night and keep it away from the skin without any risk of leaks. When patients use these briefs, they get a guarantee of 2-hour protection against leaks, odor, and skin irritation. These briefs can absorb up to 12 ounces of water comfortably, which shows how effective they are for overnight use. The diapers are thicker and feature a polyethylene back to prevent leaks. Other amazing features include leak-proof leg cuffs, refastenable tabs, and a wetness indicator.

5. Tranquility ATN (All Through the Night) disposable brief
Another incontinence product from Tranquility makes it to the best diapers list. It boasts of having features that make it leak-proof. These include tabs on the sides, quick absorbing inner core, and odor reduction technology among others. Using C.U.P. testing procedures, the company rates these overnight diapers highly because their X-large diapers can absorb 34 fluid ounces.

6. Molicare Super Plus
These diapers feature a smooth, plastic center with high absorbency levels. They come with padded panels for added comfort, making them ideal for extended capacity and overnight use. They work for both active and non-ambulatory persons suffering from incontinence.

7. Wellness Overnight Briefs
You will find many overnight adult diapers on the market. However, few if any, rival Wellness Briefs regarding absorbency, comfort, and versatility. Diapers from Wellness Briefs make use of space age technology borrowed from NASA. The unique technology guarantees the best absorbency levels while the design ensures no leaks occur during the night. The patented unique NASA inspired core using InconTek® technology stands out as one of the best in the industry and promises anyone suffering from adult incontinence a comfortable night. It is no wonder then that this creativity has won their products multiple awards. There are fewer changes to deal with throughout the night and the eco-friendly and skin-friendly materials feel comfortable. There is also a layered system that keeps odor locked in, another feature that makes the Wellness overnight briefs such a good purchase.

As the adult diaper market grows, new products come into stores every day. Choosing the best can be tricky. However, this list offers you the crème de la crème of overnight adult diapers. These products pass the highest tests for leak-proof technology, high absorbency levels, comfort, and eco-friendly materials among other aspects.

Tips And Advice About The World’s Most Absorbent Diaper

Most Absorbent Diapers
Most Absorbent Diapers

Adult incontinence is among the most prevalent medical problems in society now. The National Association for Incontinence(NAI) reckons that over 25 million adult Americans suffer from some form of urinary incontinence. The numbers are higher if you factor in those who suffer from bowel incontinence problems. Even with such high rates of prevalence, many people still suffer in silence without seeking effective ways to treat or manage the problem. Of late, however, an increase in conversations about adult incontinence has seen an increase in sales of adult diapers. If you are a caregiver, it is important to learn how a high-quality adult diaper can offer the best incontinence protection. This article will highlight the importance of these diapers and offer tips for choosing the most absorbent adult diaper.

How Does An Absorbent Adult Diaper Help

It is important to look at the devastating effects of adult incontinence to appreciate the benefits that adult diapers provide. Adult incontinence is a devastating medical problem that limits the productivity of an individual. For active individuals, it inhibits interactions and thus has an impact on both their social and professional life.

People suffering from adult incontinence also suffer from low self-esteem and other related mental issues. Providing care for non-ambulatory individuals suffering from this condition is difficult and can lead to poor quality care. When you introduce adult diapers into the mix, everything changes. It is possible to provide better care when you manage the incontinence problem. Better still, active persons can live life to the fullest even with the most extreme forms of incontinence if they wear highly absorbent diapers. The ability to socialize and enjoy life also averts self-esteem issues and mental problems associated with adult incontinence.

How to Choosing the Most Absorbent Adult Diaper

If you want to get the most out of adult diapers, you have to choose the absorbent product on the market. Doing this help users safeguard themselves against embarrassing incidences caused by leaks, allowing them to enjoy a more comfortable experience.

With so many products in the market, selecting a high absorbency product becomes a challenge. Luckily, you can use the following ideas to find the diaper:-

1. Determine Level of Incontinence

When you visit your doctor to talk about incontinence problems, the first thing they will want to verify is the level of incontinence. This will help with the diagnosis and treatment. The different levels of incontinence are high, medium and low and you will find incontinence products specifically designed to handle such flow levels.
When shopping for the best adult diapers, use the doctor’s diagnosis to find a product that suits your level of flow. Different brands categorize their products based on incontinence levels making easy to find one that suits your needs.

2. Use Free Samples

Selecting the best diaper is not easy and you might find that most of the products in the market do not suit the level of incontinence with which you suffer. This is where free samples come in handy. Prominent brands in the market now offer free adult diaper samples to enable customers to get a feel of their products. You can use these samples to gauge their efficiency and level of absorbency. Try several brands until you find one that effectively handles your liquid flow levels.

3. Look for the Right Fit

The size of a diaper can affect absorbency levels. It is thus good to choose the correct fit. Most people complain about leaks not because the product proved to be ineffective but because of poor fitting. Before going to the store for an adult diaper, make sure you take measurements of your waist at the belly button and then utilize size charts for the product offered by a specific brand.

A good fitting diaper will offer more absorbency than a poorly fitting one, irrespective of the level of quality of construction. When looking at the fit, check the fastening options offered by different products, look for leg cuffs to minimize leaks among other features.

4. Look For Quality Construction

When evaluating incontinence products on absorbency levels, start with the type of materials used to make them. A good diaper features multiple layers and a quick-wicking core to guarantee maximum absorption. More importantly, such diapers boast of using cutting-edge technology that reduces leaks and wicks away moisture instantly. The best blend of technology used in in the manufacture of diapers can guarantee you get comfort, dryness and super-absorbency.
Any good diaper on the market will make use of unique absorption technology, which enhances skin health, urine pH neutralization, odor reduction, moisture locking, among other features.

5. Absorbency Ratings

Different brands use varying methods to test the absorbency rates of their products. The C.U.P. method (capacity under pressure) is the most popular of these testing methods used to rate products. This testing involves putting the diaper under pressure and determining how much liquid it can hold. This means testing both the strength of the diaper and its absorbency levels as well.

Whar are the Absorbent Incontinence Diapers

Using these factors, experts have reviewed the best absorbent products in the market. Some of the diapers feature on best adult diapers listings.

1. Wellness Briefs: The brand leverages space age technology for the highest absorbency levels in their adult diapers
2. Tranquility ATN: These diapers boast of using Tranquility’s patented Peach Mat Construction and feature super-absorbent polymers that are guaranteed to provide high absorbency levels
3. The SeniQuatro: With a usable capacity of 86oz., this is one of the best adult diapers when it comes to absorbency levels
4. The Abena X-Plus: Another high absorbency diaper that has the capacity to soak up 75oz. of liquid
5. Molicare Super Plus: These diaper feature a smooth, plastic core that absorbs high levels of liquid
6. Dry 24/7 Max Absorbency: This diaper boasts of being able to absorb upto 95 ounces liquid, making it one of the most absorbent incontinence products on the market
7. Prevail Extra Protective Underwear: This adult diaper features a quick-wicking core and is perfect for people with medium incontinence needs.
8. Attends Underwear Super Plus Absorbency: Works perfectly for moderate to heavy needs. It features a cutting-edge triple-tier moisture locking system made of cellulose fibers, a microporous layer and super absorbent polymer to guarantee maximum absorbency.

When you use the most absorbent adult diaper, it is possible to regain control of your life. You can overcome every adult incontinence challenge and enjoy an active lifestyle, high levels of self-confidence and improved quality of life. Go ahead and use these tips to find the best adult diaper on the market.

7 Simple Ways to Get Adult Diapers Totally Free

Free Adult Diaper
Free Adult Diaper


Over 33 million adult Americans suffer from urinary incontinence according to the American Urological Association (AUA). Despite this high prevalence, most patients suffer in silence. If you or a loved one suffers from adult incontinence, it is important to find a way to manage the problem. Without proper incontinence protection, it is easy for people suffering from this condition to withdraw from active lifestyles, experience mental problems, or suffer from low self-esteem, or for them to fall prey to other social and economic problems. While there are many ways of dealing with adult incontinence, adult diapers have emerged as the most practical and convenient solution.

There is one problem however; adult diapers are costly, with the average spend on diapers for full incontinence coming to about $160-$240 a month. Luckily, you can now get access to free diapers. This article highlights a few techniques that you can use to get a free supply of diapers and save money on incontinence protection. Let us have a look at the ways to achieve this.

1. Use Free Samples Given By Brands

The competition among businesses that cater to customers who buy adult diaper has increased over the years because many more brands are coming to the market. It is not easy for new brands to penetrate the market and gain traction because some diaper manufacturers have decades of market experience. One of the innovative ways these brands now employ is to give out free samples to target customers in the hope that they will love their products and become buying customers. This is a highly effective strategy because it gives these products much-needed exposure, while the brand also endears themselves to the customers. The idea is to manufacture high-quality diapers and introduce them to the market through free samples, in the hope that anyone who tries them will fall in love with the product. If you need a free adult diaper, this is the easiest way to get hold of one.

2. Look For Diaper Coupons

Another way of getting free adult diapers is by using coupons. Shopping online, is like shopping anywhere at a store. You can find coupons for use on online stores as well. Coupons have become the easiest way of getting discounted prices and free products. If you search online, you will most likely find free coupons for diapers. The strategy used by marketers is to direct you to the company’s website where you will learn something about the brand and their products, before using your coupon. Once you register, these brands expect that you will continue exploring their product pages and find something you like. Go online now and search for free diaper coupons and you might be lucky to get hold of a few.

3. Check Out Your Local Senior Center Gift Shop

This is not a very common place to find free diapers. However, online users say that they know people who have found themselves the perfect gift. These gift shops have items donated by relatives either out of an individual’s wishes or as a way of giving back to society. Most families have no other use for packages of diapers they had bought for their loved one and when they pass away, they deliver them to the nearest senior center gift shop. Some centers opt to give away such items free if the packages are open. If you have a senior gift center in your area, pop in and ask if they have free diapers for adults.

4. Use Loyalty Programs

If you already use adult diapers it is likely that you make purchases every other week. The best idea is to shop for products from one specific brand and become a loyal customer. Once you join the brand’s loyalty program, it is easy to start leveraging rewards that come with your membership. You can convert points into free diapers or other products.
When you start buying these products, it might not look like an expensive affair but with time, you will notice that they put a dent in your finances. Joining a loyalty program is free and you will soon start enjoying benefits that can include receiving free diapers.

5. Take Surveys Online

Although many shoppers do not like surveys, however, if you want to get access to free diapers, it is time you paid attention to these surveys. You can join Swagbucks among other reward platforms, where you earn points, which you can redeem for free products.
Your mission, in this case, is to get free diapers. When you redeem points, you can look for the best diaper products to make your free points count. You earn these rewards by taking surveys, watching videos and shopping among other things. Amazon gift cards are the most popular for families who want to earn quick rewards and save money on adult diapers.

6. Join Referral Programs

Referral programs are a great way to make money and to get access to free products online. If you can convince other shoppers to buy products from referral websites, you can earn cash and points, which you can then redeem for free diapers. It is not a difficult task because with time, you will know other families that need adult diapers and reach out to them as well. If you have access to the internet, it is easy to reach out to many other internet users and turn them into customers. As a brand ambassador, you make money and get access to free items.

7. Medicaid

In some states, Medicaid provides free incontinence products, if you qualify for a hospice. There are different qualifications for this program. These include provisions for people suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It is important to talk to your caseworker and ask if your loved one qualifies for these free diapers.

These are only a few of the ways to get access to a free adult diaper. You have to stay on the lookout for offers and deals that promise free incontinence products because they will save you a lot of money. Go online and do a quick search for free adult incontinence products and you will find multiple sources for them. Try these sources and you will be surprised at how easy it is to get high-quality diapers from the best brands. If you want to manage incontinence effectively, adult diapers will go a long way in giving you back control of your life. The best part is that now you can get adult diapers for free.

5 Factors Why Disposable Adult Diapers Are Better Than Cloth Diapers


If you are among the millions of people who suffer from adult incontinence, it is advisable to find the best way to manage this debilitating medical problem. One of the best incontinence protection available in modern times is the adult diaper. This is an effective and affordable method of managing any level of incontinence thus allowing you to live a better quality of life. As a caregiver, adult diapers allow you to provide better quality care.

There are two main types of adult diapers in the market; cloth and disposable adult diapers. While cloth diapers have been around since 1887, the more effective disposable diapers emerged in the mid-20th century and took the market by storm. The choice of diapers is not easy but after reviewing all factors, you will discover disposable diapers offer a more convenient, hygienic, discreet and leak-free.

This article highlights the benefits of disposable diapers. If you have plans to use adult diapers or you are a caregiver, keep reading.

The Importance of Disposable Adult Diapers

Adult incontinence disrupts an individual’s life in a big way. It affects an individual’s capacity to work and socialize and when not managed properly, this medical problem can lead to mental problems. Disposable diapers work excellently for both active and non-ambulatory individuals suffering from any form of incontinence.

These diapers allow you to live without fear if you have an active lifestyle. They help restore self-esteem and allow you to enjoy activities you normally wouldn’t. For the older adults or bedridden patients, these diapers help caregivers provide better quality care. The user enjoys a better quality of life and as a family, you will notice an improvement in the mood of your loved one. Using disposable diapers gives people suffering from adult incontinence control of their lives and allows them to live more comfortably.

These factors highlight the benefits of choosing cloth diapers over disposable adult diapers. It is important to review these factors before you choose the best diapers. Ultimately, you want a product which is safe, absorbent, comfortable, discreet and affordable and the cloth adult diaper meets all these requirements. With the modern design of cloth adult diapers in the market, anyone suffering from adult incontinence can now enjoy a better quality of life.

Making a Case for Adult Disposable Diapers

1. More Efficient and Effective Incontinence Protection

It is easier to protect against incontinence when using a disposable adult diaper. This is because these incontinence products leverage the latest technology for higher absorbency. The design and construction of these diapers, for instance, consist of multiple cores or layers which guarantee better protection for the user. The material used wicks away moisture away from the skin which keeps the user drier for longer. The use of multiple cores in a disposable adult diaper gives it an edge over cloth diapers.

2. Better Monitoring for Regular Changes

One of the main problems when using any diaper is to know when to change it. When it comes to adults, the situation becomes more complicated because the user might not be in a position to alert you when they soil the diaper.  As a caregiver, you have to estimate how long it will take before the next change but you can’t be sure. Luckily, the latest disposable diapers for adults come with wetness monitors which alert you about the need for a change. You don’t have to keep checking and this cutting-edge technology saves you a lot of trouble. By changing the diaper at the right time, you ensure the patient’s skin doesn’t become infected and the user will always be happy.

3. Convenience/Hygiene in Managing Incontinence

When it comes to using adult diapers, there is always the tricky part of changing the incontinence product. If you have a non-ambulatory individual under your care, a disposable diaper offers a less messy alternative when managing both bladder and bowel incontinence. It is easy to dispose of this type of diaper and the process is not overly messy compared to cloth diapers.

It is also a more hygienic option for managing adult incontinence because once you remove the diaper, you only need to fold it and dispose of properly. This is not a very messy situation compared to using a cloth diaper which you have to clean. These diapers are also easy, practical and quicker to change thus saving you a lot of time.

While caregivers have the best training to handle these situations, they will also find disposable diapers more convenient and hygienic to use compared to cloth diapers.

4. Odor Prevention

Another big problem when managing adult incontinence is the smell.  Whether you are a trained caregiver or you have the duty of providing care for a non-ambulatory loved one, you will find it hard dealing with the smell. Most older adults have problems with both the bowel and bladder and without the best care, their living area can become inhabitable. Luckily, it is now possible to contain the odor using disposable adult diapers.

The best disposable diapers in the market come with sophisticated odor control systems. The panels used contain odor prevention materials and you will find it easier to provide better quality care for your patient. If you lead an active lifestyle, you will not have to worry about odors emanating from your disposable diaper.  This technology is one of the most outstanding advantages of disposable diapers over cloth diapers.

5. Discreet Incontinence Protection

One of the reasons people suffering from adult incontinence avoid adult diapers is because of the stigma associated with this medical condition. They fear that their friends will notice the diaper which could lead to stigmatization. However, disposable diapers are small and discreet and this makes them ideal for use in public. If you have an active lifestyle, these small diapers work perfectly and you will never have to worry about embarrassing episodes in public.

These are only a few of the advantages of disposable adult diapers.  In summary, they are more convenient, practical, easy to use and change and also discreet. They feature cutting edge technology which allows higher absorbency, wetness monitoring and odor protection.  If you have a non-ambulatory loved one under your care, disposable diapers for adults enable you to provide a better quality of care. Go on and compare the best brands to find the right disposable diaper for your loved one.

How to Choose Adult Diapers for Women

Adult Diapers for Women
Adult Diapers for Women

Everyone has heard the term “Diaper”. One normally hears this term when speaking about infants and toddlers. However, diapers are not just for infants only; there are many other variations to them. We can thank the latest advancements for making them available for adults too. These days most specialists recommend – that adults suffering from chronic diarrhea, incontinence, dementia and mobility impairments etc. use adult diapers. Many also use the terms “incontinence products” or “briefs” when referring to this form of undergarment. One can find variants of them in the form of underpads, pull-ups, incontinence pads etc.

Who Uses Adult Diapers?

Not only common people but also professionals like surgeons and astronauts use them too. The polymer used in their manufacture makes users feel free and independent, allowing them to carry on their tasks hassle-free, without worrying too much about leakages. This form of popularity among women as they are at a greater disposition to suffering from incontinence brought on due to the change in their physiology during and after pregnancy. It has been determined that more than 70% of the total customers using these products are women.

Types of incontinence plague women:

  • Stress urinary incontinence of STI is the most common types. In this, leakages happen when one exercises or does heavy lifting or laughs, sneezes or coughs. Although the leakage is small, it causes great discomfort.

  • Urge incontinence that results from a hyperactive bladder is the second most common form. In this, individuals face an urgent and frequent need to visit the washroom. However, the loss of bladder control causes urinary incontinence.

Loss of control of one’s bladder or bowel can be a symptom us other hidden medical conditions and should patients should consult a professional to have their problem diagnosed in a timely manner. The current market offers a range of incontinence products for different physiology and needs. As today’s women are more active and independent, these products catalyze their mobility and workability in times of need. One can make the choice of which type of adult diaper to use depending on the type of incontinence. Now, be it a medical need or any other cause, one can get access to a variety of incontinence briefs to feel secure and healthy.

There are different adult diapers available in the market for women:

  1. Disposable incontinence liners

Disposable incontinence liners are the most popular form of incontinence product on the market. They are better at absorbing urine in comparison to the other liners and sanitary pads. They are most effective for dealing with a condition where low to moderate absorbency is required. Different body contour designs with different lengths are available in the market. They provide excellent coverage, keeping you dry while keeping foul odor at bay.

  1. Disposable underwear

Many women around the world who lead an active work and social life prefer to use disposable underwear. Many of these products have an adjustable tab that makes them simple to wear and to change. Anyone who suffers from moderate to heavy incontinence would just fall in love with these comfortable and soft diapers.

  1. Pull-ups

Ultra absorbent pull-ups are another type of adult diaper. They give you a feel of a normal panty. and made up of a mix of polyester, nylon, and cotton. They are skin friendly and offer complete fluid absorption without any odor. These are safest in the case of heavy leakage and can be worn using a liner or pad for more security.

Although the market presents an array of adult diapers for women, the most intriguing question that yet puzzles many buyers is how to choose the right one. It is true that a reliable diaper should be good at retaining liquid, should have a snug yet comfortable fit, and should be able to nullify odors. However, other than these the following tips would surely help you to overcome this dilemma:

  1. Ponder over your need first

Your needs can help you determine what kind of diaper you should shop for. You must consider the kind of leakage you suffer with and the regularity with which you would need to change diapers. Things you should take into consideration when you look for a diaper are:

  • level of absorption needed

  • fabric that suits your skin

  • your clothing style

  1. Consider your size

The size you choose matters a lot because a wrong choice can create a problem for you. Tighter ones can cause skin problems and give way to the production of undesirable odors. Loose ones would make you feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

  1. Try samples first

Irrespective of the brand you choose, it is always advisable to go for a trial. Instead of buying a full bag, check the compatibility of the diaper you choose by using a sample first. Once you are satisfied, you can place a big order for them confidently.

  1. Consider mobility and the backing of the diaper

If you move about continuously, then choosing a diaper that has a tab style fastening would fit you more than other underwear types. The covering of the diapers generally comes in two patterns: a plastic and the cloth like cover. The type you choose to use would depend on your clothing style; cloth type diapers are suitable for tight-fitting clothes, whereas plastic ones are excellent for those who are in love with loose clothes.

  1. Budget

One of the important concerns is how much you are ready to spend on the diapers. Lightweight diapers are undoubtedly affordable but you need to consider the brand too. Although diapers from a premium brand are always reliable, they can be expensive as well.

Other than this, it is prudent that you check out the website of the brand of diapers you wish to buy. Grab the entire information about the product from the website. Check out their services and the response of their customers’ under the feedback section. You can obviously have a conversation with clients who are already using the product for a better understanding of the diaper. Take your time and make a cautious choice that makes you comfortable and confident.

Easier Incontinence Protection By 7 Best Absorbent Pull Ups for Adults

Incontinence Products
Incontinence Products

Adult incontinence is a health problem that modern society cannot afford to ignore anymore. According to numbers from the
Urology Care Foundation(UCF) and The American Urological Association, about 33 million adult Americans show symptoms of urinary incontinence. This medical problem causes a lot of trauma due to fear of embarrassment, isolation, loss of self-esteem and other problems. Luckily, advances in medical technology have led to the development of highly effective incontinence products. Among these are adult pull-ups, sometimes called protective underwear. They look and feel like traditional underwear and have multiple benefits over other forms of incontinence protection.

Why go for Absorbent Pull-Ups for Adults?

Pull-up underwear has unique advantages. These include:
1. They are comfortable to wear and discreet. If you live an active lifestyle, they are ideal, and you will enjoy going about your life without limits
2. They are less bulky than ordinary adult diapers making them ideal for working individuals and anyone else living an active lifestyle
3. They come in different absorbency ranges to suit different users
4. If you have someone suffering incontinence under your care, you will find pull-ups easier to change
5. Neutralizing Odor Technology in most products
6. No rustling or noise during use
7. They leverage the latest technology such as breathable panels and anti-leak guards
8. Disposable and washable pull-ups are available on the market

The Best Absorbent Pull Ups

With the increase in the popularity of adult diapers, it is understandable that there are so many products on the market. Choosing the best becomes tricky. However, you can now choose from this list of the top-rated products.

1. Seni Super Quatro Adult Briefs
These pull-ups offer maximum absorbency and are perfect for use both during the daytime and nighttime. They feature soft, yet durable materials and a Vapor permeable back sheet that allow the free flow of air to ensure comfort. The standing gathers in combination with leg cuffs guarantee no leaks while the Elastics in the waist and closing tabs make it easy to wear and remove your underwear. There is also a double wetness indicator to determine when to change.

2. Molicare Super Plus
This is a product from one of the leading brands on the market. It comes with an initial capacity of 30 ounces. Their unique design allows for the absorption of fluids across the entire padding through the unique gel construction and paper technology; their absorption rating is very good.

3. Wellness Absorbent Underwear
Unique Wellness has made waves in the industry with their NASA inspired incontinence products. The Wellness absorbent underwear borrows from NASA technology, which has helped the company win multiple awards. These pull-up briefs use a NASA-inspired multilayer core to make them more absorbent than other products on the market. Using these absorbent underwear leads to cost-savings. They are odor-free, safe and eco-friendly and you can get a free sample to try out before you commit to buying them in bulk.

4. AbenaAbri-Flex
These pull-ups are perfect for those with mild to moderate incontinence. They provide both protection and dignity. Their absorption levels max out at 74 ounces. They feature a cloth-like outer covering, which is breathable and soft. An advanced super-absorbent core securely traps fluids and keeps odors locked. Their absorbency rating is good, and the unique design makes them easy to remove and discard.

5. Tranquility EliteCare Disposable Briefs
This Disposable Brief comes with a PowerSorb™ Micro-layer to provide All Day – All Night incontinence protection. The cutting-edge PowerSorb Micro-layer boosts absorbency without adding extra bulk. Liquids remain locked even under pressure. Another unique feature of these pull-ups is the cloth-like outer layer with micro-hook closure tabs, Kufguards® (inner leg cuffs). These channel fluids into the core to handle heavy incontinence. There is also a dual wetness indicator.

6. BetterDry 60x Adult Diapers with Plastic Backing
These pull-ups feature a leak-proof white plastic backing and extra thick padded core for excellent absorption levels. They come with convenient refasten able tabs for ease of use and high leg cuffs for comfort and protection, odor protection, Elastic waistbands in the front and the back and a wetness indicator.

7. Attends Extended Wear Brief
These briefs offer protection over extended periods. They feature a rapid lock system to lock in moisture and a cloth-like interior for added protection and comfort. They feature Comfort-flex tabs that offer easy refastening. They are also quiet and discreet.

Discreet. affordable. If you suffer from adult incontinence, it is now possible to regain control of your life uses these top rated pull-ups. Order Free Wellness pull-up diaper sample here.


5 Safety Tips for Elders During Extreme Winter Weather


The cold winter season comes with a plethora of dangers, especially for seniors in society. From health concerns to falls and slips, everyone can find it a difficult season to deal with and things are even harder for older adults. As a family, you must have plans to take care of the seniors in your lives. According to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), winter cold kills twice as many Americans as does summer heat. The same report showed that older people were more prone to weather-related accidents and death. For this reason, you need to tape substantial steps to keep your older relatives safe throughout this season.

This article highlights some of the dangers to look out for and suggests five effective steps you can take to keep your elders safe during the winter. Let us have a look at what you need to be aware of:

Risks to Lookout for during wintertime

To offer the best quality of care for your senior relative during wintertime, you have to understand the risks. These include:
1. Health risks: These include hypothermia, frostbites, Dementia and Sun-downing (Sundowners Syndrome is characterized by agitation, anger, confusion and memory loss during the evening hours). Flu is also a major concern, caused due to weakened immune systems, and can lead to secondary infections that include pneumonia.
2. Physical risks: Precipitation and a decrease in ambient light can make walking a nightmare for older adults leaving them prone to slips and falls.
3. Wintertime Blues (seasonal affective disorder/SAD): The decrease in daytime light during the winter can cause many people to suffer from a decrease in energy and mood during the winter.
4. Social isolation: Many times the elderly cannot move around a lot and neither can their loved ones. Loneliness can make winter a tough season. If not addressed, isolation can lead to unhappiness and poor mood and even depression.
5. Fires and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: The fireplace or other heating sources can lead to poisoning especially where a senior lives alone.

Your elderly relative can face many other risks during the winter. As a caregiver, you need to watch out for them keenly.

Five Tips for the Elderly during wintertime

Now that you are aware of some of the dangers your loved one can face during the winter; you need to design a plan to deal with these dangers. The following are some of the methods you should use to guarantee that the senior in your life stay safe throughout the winter season. Here you go:

1. Take care of Incontinence
According to a report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics, over half of seniors above the age of 50 suffer from bladder or bowel incontinence. While this is ordinarily a difficult medical problem to deal with, it becomes worse during the winter. The rate of urine loss increases and if there is no proper incontinence management, there is a huge risk of skin infections and hypothermia. You should invest in an effective incontinent product to keep your loved one dry during this cold season. Using the best incontinence products also boosts their self-esteem as they can easily interact with the rest of the family without fear of embarrassment. In essence, using an adult diaper mitigates the risk of skin infection, hypothermia, seasonal affective disorder, and social isolation, all at once.

2. Stay Close and in Touch
Winter is not the best of seasons for moving around. It is for this reason that many seniors go through horrendous experiences. If you have a senior in your life, plan on how to keep them close at your home or find them a caregiver for extra care. If your older adult lives alone, make sure there is an emergency number for use in case of accidents. It is important to sacrifice time to visit your loved one regularly whether they live at home or in a facility. They will appreciate the get-togethers and will always look forward to these moments to forget the cold.

3. Keep Them Warm
Staying warm is the best way to avoid problems during the cold season. For the elderly, this is more important because they are susceptible to a myriad of health problems. If your loved one stays in a facility, confirm that they have additional bed coverings and buy extra warm clothes for them. Do not trust what the caregivers tell you but instead insist on seeing their living conditions to ensure that they are comfortable and safe despite the weather. If you have a senior in your house, make sure you insist on heavy and warm clothing to avert opportunistic diseases such as the flu. Whenever they step out, make sure they wear their hat, gloves, and scarves.

4. Keep Walkways Clear
One of the biggest causes of accidents during winter is snow and ice. It causes slips and falls, and for seniors, such accidents can cause untold suffering due to hip fractures, head trauma, and major lacerations. Most seniors already have bone problems and one more fall will cause pain and distress for a long time. For this reason, make sure you keep your compound clear of snow and ice. Do not take any chances because simple accidents can prove fatal for seniors and this is the last thing you want for your family.

5. Implement Safe Home Heating
Many home accidents during winter occur due to faulty heating systems. If you have a senior in your life, you have to provide safe heating in their living spaces. Go for a heating system that does not need close monitoring. Seniors can easily forget and leave such heating units running leading to accidents such as fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. The best way to go about this is by installing a fire and carbon monoxide detector for the early detection of these problems.

There you have it. To keep your senior relative safe during the winter, keep them warm by providing them with proper dressing and safe heating systems. Use the best incontinence products, keep their outdoor living spaces clear of ice and snow and make sure that they have the right type of shoes for winter weather; and of course stay close to them and make them feel appreciated. These tips will help you provide better quality care for your loved one and keep them safe during wintertime. Order Free Incontinence Samples today at Wellness Briefs.

7 Best Overnight Diapers for Adults

Adult Daipers
Adult Daipers

Millions of people today live with adult incontinence and many of them go through a hard time managing this health problem. The National Association for Incontinence estimates that about 25 million adult Americans suffer from some form of urinary incontinence. Many more do not come forward for fear of stigmatization. Among the elderly citizens, over half suffer from both fecal and urinary incontinence. While this debilitating health problem is more prevalent today, many people still suffer in silence due to the lack of information. If you suffer from any form of incontinence or you are a caregiver, one of the best ways to manage the problem is by using overnight adult diapers.

These high absorbent diapers provide a comfortable, dry night and protect against skin infections caused by wetness. Caregivers find it easier to provide better quality care by encouraging the person they care for to use an overnight adult diaper. There are many of these products on the market and this article highlights the best among them.

1. Dry Care Max Absorbency Diapers by ConfiDry
This nighttime diaper has ranked at the top of most of the best-overnight diaper reviews. It remains one of the most popular product in the market. The Dry Care Max Absorbency Diapers by ConfiDr has received the highest number of voted as the most absorbent diaper due to its innovative 3D-core absorbency system. The high-quality diaper boasts an absorption capacity of 3 liters and comes with a unique leak control system that guarantees a dry night. Other features include wide, strong, and easy-to-refasten tabs for easy changes by caregivers; and a soft material to avoid chaffing.

2. Wellness Brief  Superio Adult Diapers
This is one of the most effective adult diapers in the market from one of the most recognized brands. Unique Wellness uses the same principles Developed by NASA for their space suits. The technology they use gives their products an edge over others in the market. The Wellness Brief Superio Adult Diapers boasts of a multi-layered InconTek® technology, which guarantees better absorption, thus giving the user a dry night. The multi-layer design ensures that all the liquid stays locked away from the skin throughout the night. This high absorbency means that there is no need for regular overnight diaper changes, which saves a lot of money.

3. Abena Abri-Form Comfort Level 4 Adult Diapers
The Abena Abri-Form Comfort Level 4 Adult Diaper with either cloth-like backing or plastic backing, has topped most of the best-adult diaper lists and for many good reasons. This diaper from one of the best-known brands in the market works best for people suffering from heavy incontinence. They are comfortable and easy to wear and feature cutting-edge technology to guarantee high absorbency. The unique Top Dry system has received rave reviews due to its ability to absorb liquids fast. Users enjoy a dry and comfortable experience wearing these overnight diapers and caregivers have an easier time as well.

4. Maxi Incontinence Adult different by Egosan
Esogan is a brand that has created a name for itself in the market by providing high-quality hygiene products. One of the most notable products is the Maxi Incontinence Adult different, which provides maximum absorbency for a comfortable night. This overnight diaper features an adjustable re-fastenable tab with a non-allergenic elastic leak guard. For a more comfortable experience, this diaper also features a soft, breathable outer layer with aloe extract to avoid skin problems. There is also a wetness indicator for easy management of changes.

5. Tranquility EliteCare Disposable Briefs
EliteCare briefs are among the top selling in this category and with the Tranquility EliteCare Disposable Briefs, the brand has upped the game. For maximum absorbency, these diapers come with a Powercor Micro-layer, which does not add to the size or weight of the diaper. The ultra-thin, ultra-dense, non-pulp retention layer guarantees that the user enjoys a comfortable, dry night as it retains all the liquid, market review.

These briefs feature a cloth-like outer layer with easy-to-use micro-hook closure tabs and inner leg cuffs, which prevent any leaks during the night. These diapers work best for people with extreme levels of incontinence, and the wetness indicator helps avoid unnecessary changes.

How to Wear Absorbent Underwear for Men and Women

Absorbent Underwear
Absorbent Underwear

For a long time, people suffering from adult incontinence have stayed out of sight due to the stigma attached to this medical problem. This problem is prevalent in modern society with millions of adult Americans suffering in silence. Luckily, there are high-quality incontinence products available on the market that can help manage the condition. If you suffer from any form of incontinence or you have someone under your care, there is no need to allow this medical problem to ruin your life any further. By wearing high-quality absorbent underwear, you can now regain control of your life and enjoy all the activities you always loved. For caregivers, this kind of underwear helps improve the quality of care they provide. While this type of underwear is highly effective, there are still concerns about comfort and discreetness. This article offers tips on how to wear absorbent diapers comfortably and discreetly.

The Impact of Incontinence Underwear

Most people suffering from adult incontinence withdraw into an inactive lifestyle. Some lose their jobs due to stress while others suffer through a life of fear. This medical problem can also cause a loss of self-esteem, which in turn affects an individual’s social and professional life. For caregivers, managing incontinence is a tough task, and many complaints arise from this aspect of elderly care.

Using the best incontinence products can solve most of these problems. When you use absorbent briefs, it is possible to enjoy life to the full. You can live a healthy, active lifestyle and take advantage of professional opportunities that come your way. If you can walk out without fear of embarrassment, your self esteem receives a boost, and this in turn, leads to better relationships. You can choose from various types of absorbent products to win back control of your life.

Tips to Wear Incontinence Underwear Properly

Although choosing to use incontinence products is not an easy decision, it is the best way to manage this problem. Even with the most absorbent diapers, you have to learn how to wear them properly to avoid embarrassing incidents. Most people have problems using this protective underwear because many fail to wear them properly, which in turn leaves room for leaks.

When you wear protective diapers improperly, you might have difficulties in mobility and the underwear might become obvious to a keen observer. Now, the last thing you want is a leak when in public or someone noticing that you are wearing a diaper. Consider the following tips to prevent such embarrassments:

1. Consider the Level of Incontinence
Whether you plan to buy a diaper for yourself or for someone under your care, it is important to identify the level of incontinence you want to tackle. This makes it easier to buy a diaper that suits your needs properly. When you wear a proper diaper, the experience is less discomfiting, and you enjoy peace of mind knowing that the underwear will perform as it is meant to.

2. Get the Right Fit
Choosing the correct size of protective underwear solves many potential problems. These include leaks, discomfort and lack of discreetness. When shopping for your adult diapers, you should consider adding a few inches to your waist measurements.

Some brands provide size charts to help customers find the right size that would provide a comfortable experience when wearing the diaper. You can also order samples to get a feel of different products in the market before you decide to buy any one of them.

3. Choose Comfortable Clothing
You might have to make some changes to your wardrobe when you start wearing incontinence underwear. For instance, wearing diapers under tight outfits will not only cause discomfort, but can also call attention to the diaper. Loose clothing works best with diapers as they allow mobility and keep the underwear discreet.

4. Carry Along Personal Care Items
When using incontinence underwear, it is important to take care of your skin. You can do this by carrying personal care items with you to use while changing a diaper. Such items may include non-alcoholic moisture barriers, talcum powder, and wipes. These could help you to maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

5. Find the Best Method of Disposal
Think about how you plan to dispose of soiled diapers when deciding on wearing incontinence diapers. Most brands provide a disposal bag that controls odors along with their products. Using disposal bags is a great choice especially for when you are at the office and need to change. Handling soiled underwear can be tricky. That is why you should look for a disposal technique beforehand.

6. Wear Eco-Friendly Underwear
There are many incontinence products available in the market. Choosing the best one from among them can be an overwhelming task. However, you should try to wear diapers that are skin-friendly, environment-friendly, recyclable and easy to dispose of.

7. Use Booster Pads
If you have problems like leaks, you can increase absorbency by using booster pads along with the diaper. These are high-absorbent, ultra-thin pads that fit inside your underwear to prevent any risks of leaks. If you are on a trip, it is easier to use booster pads instead of struggling with multiple diaper changes.

8. Observe Highest Hygiene Standards When Wearing Underwear
It is easy to forget that perspiration can cause problems when it mixes with urine or fecal matter. This can become a big nuisance in public. This makes it important to maintain high standards of hygiene. Always clean your hands and yourself properly before and after changing underwear. Do not leave any chances for the odor to spread because this can cause embarrassments.

9. Follow Product Instructions
There are multiple adult incontinence products in the market and each brand provides instructions on how to wear, change and dispose of their product. You should follow the instructions they provide keenly to enjoy your experience wearing incontinence underwear.

If you want to use absorbent underwear for men and women without a problem, make sure you wear the right fit. Once you figure out the method of disposal, find the right fit, choose comfortable clothing, and always maintain the highest standards of hygiene while wearing an incontinence product.