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Skin Friendly

The facts about skin irritation and how using Wellness® Products will easily prevent this problem.

irritationDiaper rash (diaper dermatitis) is a skin problem caused by the skin staying wet, rubbing from the brief, and contact with chemicals in the urine and stool. The skin may look red, raw, scalded, or burned.

The most common misconception that people have about our products is: "how is it that one can be asked to remain in them for 8 hours?" Our response is – When using standard products, how can you allow someone to get exposed to urine every 2-3 hours and allow exposure for at least half an hour (or more) until they are changed? By then the damage was done!

Our products fully absorb all liquids and move them to a separate layer thereby always keeping you dry. The exposure never occurs! Clearly our system is good enough for astronauts because they cannot be susceptible to any form of infection in space! With our products you rarely need creams or ointments because the key is prevention altogether! Using our simple, cost effective 3/ day system will prevent any skin breakdowns and rashes!

A diaper rash may also be a sign of abuse or neglect:

If a friend or family member of yours is currently under the care of a nurse or long term facility tell them about the WellnessBrief® and how they could significantly improve their care and simultaneously reduce their costs.


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