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Govt Government regulation states that the patient needs to be changed as needed

There is a common misconception that regulation requires that the patient needs to be changed about 8-10 times a day. This is incorrect.

The law identifies that an institution must provide the proper incontinence care so that the patient is dry with no skin irritation and susceptibility for infection due to the exposure from the feces and urine.

Using the Wellness® Brief will keep your patients dry throughout the day therefore keeping you compliant to government regulations while at the same time improving your care while reducing your costs.

Using the Wellness® Brief will limit the need for changing your patients to once a shift (based on 3 eight hour shifts per day).

The following is an excerpt from the section of the state operations manual that discusses the changing of adult briefs and incontinence –

It is important that residents using various toileting devices, absorbent products, external collection devices, etc., be checked (and changed as needed) on a schedule based upon the resident’s voiding pattern, accepted standards of practice, and the manufacturer’s recommendations

Click here to download the entire government regulation manual.



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