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Become A Distributor Feel free to contact us and begin reaping the rewards of becoming a distributor for us!

We are constantly looking for regional distributors that cater to DME's and independent pharmacies and would be pleased to assist you in any way. Many stores are desperately seeking cash revenue options that can add to the declining income from Medicare and Medicaid.
Our products are distributed by well known distributors such as Independence Medical (Cardinal), Sterling Distributors, Lakecourt and many more.

Considering the fact that our product is a consumable it brings in recurring revenue every month and draws customers into stores again and again thus resulting in residual income on other products as well.

Unlike other products

Since our products are niche and cannot be found in big box stores it will help draw consumers from big box stores back into independent stores. Most smaller stores have a hard time competing with the generic products offered in stores like CVS, Wal-Mart, etc however with a niche award winning products like the Wellness® Brief and Underwear that promise savings of up to 70% over generic products it becomes a game changer!

Wellness products are what we like to call solution based products. Unlike standard products like Depend and Tena that are based on voiding patterns our products are based on a scheduled changing system. This sets us apart from the market and an excellent solution for stores looking for something new and different!

To become a distributor please Click here to Email Us.

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