How To Help Your Father Overcome Incontinence?

He helped you take first steps of your life. He is your real-life hero. Yes. We are talking about your father. It is very difficult to watch your father suffer from incontinence. Caring for your father could be a challenge. How do you help your father overcome this situation? In this post, you will learn few pointers that will help you take care of your elders.

1 Adopt a collaborative approach

It is important to keep in mind the fact that talking and counseling is the best way out. You need to keep in mind that incontinence could cause embarrassment among elders. The word could cause emotions run high. In order to tackle such situation it is important that you adopt a collaborative approach. Take your father to doctor and know the best treatment options available. Keep in mind that you need to respect privacy and sensitivity involved while discussing this matter with your father.

2 Select best adult diapers

Disposable adult diapers might be the best option to lead a normal life. However, the word diaper might raise red flags. After all, diapers are for babies. In such cases, you need to educate your father about advantages of using adult diapers. It is crucial to select the diaper based on lifestyle, right fit and severity of incontinence from moderate to heavy. Disposable diapers offer high absorbency level and discreetly ordered online. There are several types of incontinence products available online such as adult pull ups, briefs, pads, disposable as well as reusable diapers. If you are confused about the product, try sample pack.

3 Use protective waterproof mattress

While you are caring for your father, keep in mind stress associated with frequent clothes changes or laundry. Use a waterproof mattress that will help you minimize such hassles.

4 Ensure safety

If your father experiences urge to empty bladder frequently in the night, help him reach bathroom safely in night. Ensure that you keep the path clear of clutter. Don’t create a rush situation or hurt yourself while reaching the bathroom.Incontinence might be related due to various factors such as medications, bladder infection, or constipation. Simple changes such as exercises or change in diet can help fight incontinence. Lastly, make sure that your father does not have any infections that may cause bad odor. It is important to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.


As a caregiver, keep your father comfortable and secure at all times. During each change, use wipes and moisturizer to clean perineal area or use diaper rash cream to avoid skin rashes.

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