Make Your Travel Convenient with Incontinence Products

A peaceful vacation on an island, an adventurous trip to the dessert or a family vacation on the cruise with shopping; whatever your dream vacation is, you can avoid all the hassle, including incontinence!

All you need to do is a little bit of planning, building up some strategies against incontinence, use effective incontinence products and you are good to go.

Planning tips

  • Plan your travel and book transportation as early as possible
  • Talk to your doctor about your travel; pen down all the advice and suggestions
  • Inform airline staff in advance, if you have any special needs or requirements

Packing tips

  • Trains and planes have limited disposable facilities. So, make sure you carry incontinent products that have a high absorption level, so that you do not have to change them frequently
  • Carry adult diapers, adult pull-ups and other similar products, as they are thin and provide high absorption capacity, so you need not feel embarrassed
  • Do not forget to pack plastic bags, which will help you dispose off used incontinence products
  • Carry sanitizers, hand wipes and other cleansing products that would help you stay clean and odor free
  • Last, but certainly not the least, do not forget to pack travel soap bars and soap strips

Traveling tips

  • If you are traveling in a train or plane, it is advisable to sit in the aisle seat, so that you can rush to the restroom quickly and easily. Also, you do not have to face the rest of the travelers while going to and coming back from the rest room
  • If you are traveling by road, it is always a good idea to have the GPS facility so that you can keep track of the places of interest near you; along with the bathroom locations nearby

Vacation trips

  • Plan fluid intake and washroom visits carefully; whether you are flying or sightseeing. Limit the intake of salty food and beverages, so that you can have control over your frequent urination
  • When there is no chance of reaching a rest room, it is advisable to carry the incontinence products like adult pull-ups that can help you survive overnight without visiting a restroom
  • Keep yourself odor free and comfortable by making efficient use of incontinence products
  • Make sure you dispose of your incontinent products properly to keep your surroundings odor free

Ensure that you follow the above mentioned tips to make the most of the incontinence products in order to have a pleasant and enjoyable trip.

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