How to Select Incontinence Products for Men & Women?

Incontinence Products for Men & Women

With the increasing number of incontinence products available, selecting the right product could often turn out to be a daunting task. It is important to understand incontinence and several products available that will help you put your life together and rebuild your confidence.

Incontinence Products
Incontinence Products for Men & Women

Adult Incontinence is a problem that affects millions of people around the world, and those that are affected by it are spending thousands a year to help manage their conditions but feel more like their incontinence manages them. Today, lots of incontinence products are available online.

“Incontinence is the involuntary loss of bladder and/or bowel control, resulting in the loss of urine and/or fecal matter.”

  • Incontinence of the bladder, which results in urine loss, also known as “urinary incontinence” or “UI”.

  • Incontinence of the bowel, mainly resulting in loss of gas or fecal matter, often referred as “fecal incontinence” or “bowel incontinence”.

The factors that you should consider primarily include your life style, gravity of your situation and product features.

Here are few pointers to consider while selecting incontinence products:

  • Size: Absorbent underwear/ undergarments come in different sizes, mainly based on waist and hip capacity. For larger- sized individuals Bariatric products are available.

  • Absorbent nature: It important to keep in mind that amount of liquid the product can handle ranging from light to extra heavy. Absorbency is typically counted in ounces.

  • Gender-Specific: Certain products are specifically designed for women and men according to the needs and body structure.

  • Contour: It important to know how the undergarment fits against the body. Several features such as flexible tabs and leg cuffs are meant to make the product fit comfortably to your unique body.

  • Odor: Every protective undergarment has a unique technology for handling odor.

  • Moisture: Absorbent products use novel technology that works to keep user dry and relaxed.

Here’s a round-up of some of your options

  • Adult Diapers: Commonly known as adult briefs provide full protection against urinary or bowel incontinence. Adult diapers offer extra absorbent protection.

  • Adult Pull Ups: These are known as protective underwear and come in both disposable and washable varieties. More like regular underwear and works against urinary incontinence.

  • Protective Undergarment: Generally refers to both protective underwear and briefs.


One aspect that is ignored is the level of assistance required while dressing and positioning a protective undergarment. It is important to assess the cost of product and number of changes needed in each day. Remember to use a combination of reusable and disposables. You can invest in expensive and absorbent product to save money in long run. Washable and reusable products can cut costs and turn out to be environment friendly option.

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