Nighttime Urination Treatment To Have A Good Night Sleep

According to statistics, an estimated 4.2 million American adults suffer from nocturia, a condition in which one wakes up during the night to urinate frequently. This condition becomes more common during aging and occurs in both men and women for varied reasons such as diabetes, surgery, injuries, weak pelvic floor muscles, and lifestyle patterns among others.

Nocturia results in dramatic increase in urine production during the night. However, there is a proportionate decrease in daytime urine production that results in a normal 24-hour urine volume. While most individuals suffering from Nocturia wake up during night to use the bathroom, there’s a high probability of missing signal and not making it to the washroom, which results in nighttime wetting.

Here are several methods you can use to help achieve dry nights:

  • See a doctor: It is important that you talk to your doctor about Nocturia. There is no point to suffer in silence or fear social stigma. Remember, millions of Americans experience Nocturia. You are not alone. It is imperative to find the underlying cause behind this condition and effectively treat the problem.
  • Keep an eye on fluid consumption: Avoid drinking fluid few hours before bedtime. However, don’t completely deprive your body of fluid intake resulting in dehydration. This can irritate your bladder.
  • Lifestyle changes matter: There are several actions people can take to manage Nocturia such as completely stopping the intake of caffeine and alcohol during night time.
  • Empty your bladder: Try to empty your bladder before going to sleep. Frequent urination throughout the day time due to an overactive bladder, can also carry forward during night bed wetting in adults.
  • Use the most absorbent adult pull ups: Designed to protect you during night. Disposable adult pull ups can eliminate your worries of bed wetting and waking up to an embarrassing morning.

Adult Incontinence Products to Manage Night time Bed Wetting

Absorbent products designed for nighttime incontinence will keep adult bedwetters dry and comfortable. Disposable adult pull ups and diapers are extremely helpful because they absorb fluid and can easily be disposed. Pull ups are preferred for the convenience of being able to easily slip on and off.

Ensure Safety While Visiting Bathroom

Visiting bathroom in the middle of night could turn out to be a daunting task. It is important to make the ordeal of visiting bathroom in night easy and safe at the same time. Always keep the way to bathroom clear. This will save you from falling. Keep the night lights on to help you locate the bathroom in night.

Make Caregiver’s Life Easy

Caring for an elderly suffering from incontinence is an extremely challenging task, requiring lot of time and determination. At the same time, it can be a physically tiring and grueling. After all, it requires lifting the wearer, changing clothes and assisting with toileting needs during the night. This is the main reason to select the best adult pull ups. Remember, caregivers’ health and well being matters the world.