Essential Adult Incontinence Care Products for Bladder Problems

Understanding The Term Incontinence

Incontinence is a term which is widely used to describe any condition which ranges from a small leak to the complete loss of control over bladder or bowel. In other words, it is the loss of control over the bladder or bowel movements in adults. The involuntary and accidental leakage of urine from the bladder is known as urinary incontinence while fecal or bowel incontinence refers to the involuntary loss of excreta from the metabolic system.

Incontinence is a common problem for many older people, patients, as well as people who are under constraints to use the toilet. This embarrassing and inconvenient condition can affect a person’s daily activities. Incontinence care products for adults can help people lead a normal life and allow them to carry on their daily and social activities without any interference. These products are useful in providing protection from involuntary and embarrassing bladder or bowel movements; and help to absorb and prevent uncontrollable urine leakages or stool discharges.

Use of Incontinence Management Products for Adults

One of the two main types of urine incontinence is stress incontinence wherein a person involuntary passes urine while laughing, sneezing, coughing or lifting heavy objects. Urge incontinence occurs when a person has a sudden and immediate urge to relieve anytime; or anyplace. When a person is suffering from incontinence, irrespective of the fact whether he / she is an adolescent, an adult ,or an elderly person, wearing diapers can significantly affect his / her life. Incontinence in any form curtails daily, social, as well as any outdoor activity.

There are many reasons why incontinence care products for adults are required.

  • Elderly peopleAs people grow older, they lose control over their bladders and bowels and have to go through much humiliation and embarrassment due to this condition. Wearing adult diapers makes life normal once more for these people.
  • Patients and sick peopleSick people, who even though in full control over their bladders and bowels, may still need to use incontinence care products for adults for various reasons. Adults in wheelchairs or in bed opt for adult diapers. Trauma patients, comatose patients and patients out from certain surgery like prostrate surgery, which restricts their pelvic floor muscle movements, are made to wear adult diapers to prevent bed-wetting.
  • AdolescentsMany adolescent children continue bed-wetting into their teenage years. They may have full control over their bladders during the daytime but have no power over it while they sleep. This leads parents to urge their children to use diapers at night.
  • Access to clean bathroomsMany public toilets are so unhygienic that people visiting them run the risk of contacting infections. To avoid the use of such bathrooms, incontinence absorbent products are the best way to keep one safe and healthy.
  • Astronauts, pilots and diversAstronauts use adult diapers while taking-off and when they land. Pilots are also known to use these products when they are flying for long duration. Divers use diapers for long underwater activity.
  • Long hours of dutySecurity guards, who are on continuous duty and unable to leave their place, wear adult diapers. Truck drivers choose to wear incontinence care products due to their long drives with few stops.

Available Incontinence Protection Products for Adults:

There are many incontinence care products for adults in the market but choosing one depends on many factors pertaining to how much urine is being lost, comfort, durability, ease of using the product, how effectively it can control odor, and last but certainly not the least, the cost factor.

  • Pads and protective garmentsThe most popular way of tackling incontinence is by making use of pads and protective garments which are available in a broad range of sizes, absorbencies, styles and colors.
  • Absorbent padsThese disposable pads feature adhesive tapes that can hold them inside the underwear. These incontinence absorbent products can absorb 8 or more ounces of urine, can be changed throughout the day, and also help to block odor.
  • Disposable underwearThese resemble a normal elastic banded underwear, the only difference being that the disposable underwear, as the name suggests, are designed to be disposed off. There are some diapers with tapes that are adjustable and easily removable. These products flaunt various colors with day as well as night versions.
  • Incontinence panties and briefsThese incontinence care products for adults are similar to everyday underwear being worn by men and women. But, they have built-in cloth pads and waterproof liners, often with the capacity of holding 10 ounces of urine or more! They are therefore, very effective absorbents of urine, control odors, and help in keeping the moisture away from your skin. These products are washable and reusable. They are available in come in various colors and styles for both day and night use.
  • Protective under pads / bed padsThese flat pads have a moisture barrier on one side and an absorbent layer on the other side. Most products also contain a super absorbent polymer which turns the disposed urine into a gel like substance. This prevents urine from leaking and also the odor from escaping. Some of these incontinence prevention products for adults are so designed that the skin is unaffected by moisture and stays dry across the day; though not all products use this technology. These protective under pads are either disposable or reusable and are quite handy for protecting mattresses, cushioned chairs and other furniture from urinary leaks. Some of them are antibacterial and antifungal, while others boast of adhesive strips to hold them in place; choose accordingly.
  • Plastic pantsThese are used as protection against mild to moderate leaks and are to be worn over regular under garments.

Incontinence care products for adults are designed to contain and soak up urine or stool. Thereby, they help to protect clothing, bedding, furniture, mattresses and cushions. Above all, these products protect their users from incontinence, public embarrassment and humiliation, and help them maintain their self-respect, dignity, self esteem and pride.

Go for these incontinence care products for adults; by all means!