How To Change Adult Diaper In 6 Easy Steps

Adult Diapers play a vital role in individuals who are unable to control their bladder movements and/or attend to nature’s call in proper ways. It becomes essential for users to understand the importance of changing adult diapers on a timely basis. Read more about how to change an adult diaper properly!

What Is Adult Diaper? – Overview

Though diapers are usually associated with infants and toddlers, there are many reasons why an adult needs to use diapers. Diapers are essential for adults with various conditions, the most common being old age. Other conditions include mobility impairment, incontinence, dementia or severe diarrhea that makes it necessary for adults to rely on adult diapers. These diapers are available in various forms – with some resembling traditional diapers for children, underpants, or sanitary napkins. They are better known as incontinence pads.

incontinence or the inability to control the bladder is of two types: stress incontinence when people urinate even while sneezing, laughing, lifting heavy objects, or coughing; and urge incontinence when the need to vacate the bladder crops up suddenly, uncontrollably, anytime and anywhere. This may be due to several reasons but is usually true for people who have aged. For such people, wearing adult diapers is one of the most comfortable and medication-free ways of being able to go out in public places without having to worry about soiling or wetting clothes.

How To Choose Diaper For Adult

Choosing an adult diaper might seem to be very easy. However, there are many factors that need to be taken into account while buying them.

  • Diaper materialWearing a diaper is never easy or comfortable but some diapers give more comfort than others. While buying diapers, a comfortable material that fits to perfection should be chosen. The material in use should not lead to scratching and be wearable for a long period of time.
  • Absorbent materialThis is one of the most vital factors to be considered. A good and reliable adult diaper should be able to absorb as much as its user expels. All in all, the diaper should be able to absorb liquids, not leak, and have the ability to keep its user dry for extended period of time without making him / her feel wet.
  • Diaper styleAdult diaper styles do matter for adults. A highly-absorbent diaper should be such that it can be worn with other clothes without becoming obvious. It should make the person feel stylish and confident even when it is being worn for a social event.
  • Diaper longevityDiapers are meant to store urine, and so, should be wearable even after there is urine stored in them. Also, it is essential for diapers to be comfortable even after they are soiled. Thus, the longevity of diaper matters.

Little Known Benefits Of Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are usually worn by people with poor medical conditions leading to urinary or fecal incontinence. But, very few would know that there are other instances when people have to wear diapers; for instance, even when they have bowel and bladder control but are unable to access a toilet.

  • Ageing and adult diapersAgeing is a non-avoidable process which all humans have to go through. It is not only about the aches and pains. Aging brings about the onset of certain processes that make the elderly realize that they are unable to perform many simple tasks that they could easily do before. They realize that they are slowly losing their independence as they start depending on others to help them with even the most basic errands. The situation becomes worse when they realize that they have lost control over their bladders. Social gatherings are no longer welcome, long rides become a nightmare, and even small events are all about bathroom routes. This is the time when adult diapers become God-sent.
  • Medical conditionsPeople with certain medical conditions are forced to wear diapers even though they might be in control of their bladders or bowels. These include people in wheelchairs or bedridden people. Trauma patients are also given diapers to help control their discharges from escaping. Adult diapers are used post-surgery in patients who have undergone specific surgeries like prostrate surgery and are yet to recover, or have no control over their pelvic floor muscles. Comatose patients are made to wear diapers to prevent bed-wetting during this time, although they show no signs of any inconsistency once they come out of coma and regain consciousness.
  • AdolescentsParents find it easier to put their adolescent kids on diapers if they are still in the habit of bed-wetting. These children, even though having full control over their bladders and bowels during the daytime, have no control over these functions while asleep, thus forcing their parents to opt for adult diapers.
  • AstronautsAstronauts wear diapers during space shuttle missions. These adult diapers for astronauts are known as “Maximum Absorbency Garments” which they wear during take-off and while landing. These diapers make use of super-absorbent fabrics which have the capacity to retain up to 400 times their weight.
  • Pilots and diversDivers, who are required to stay continuously under water for many hours, also wear diapers. Pilots too are known to wear them during long hours of flight.
  • HygieneIn places where public toilets are so unhealthy that people run the risk of infections in case they use them, adult diapers provide a safe and healthy way of maintaining bowel functions.
  • Non-stop duty hoursPeople who are on non-stop duty and are unable to leave their place even for a toilet break use adult diapers that are sometimes known as “watchman’s urinal”.

How To Change Adult Diaper Properly

Changing adult diapers need a little care. Here is what you need to do:

  • Keep a stash of adult diapers available. You never know how many you’d end up using.
  • Clean the area and apply baby powder to prevent rashes.
  • Trash the dirty diaper in the trash can.
  • One can also apply a barrier cream to avoid diaper rashes.
  • Place the diaper under the adult and tape those up on both sides. One just needs a little practice, and it is done.
  • A towel should be available at all times.

For people who have no other alternative, except to depend on diapers, using them becomes a source of embarrassment. Products are therefore marketed as “incontinence pads”. But given the fact that it is not only the old who need to use diapers, these can also be considered as a practical, safe and healthy option for living. Instead of embarrassing and ridiculing the elderly and adolescents who have uncontrolled bowel or bladder movements, adult diapers should be accepted for giving everyone the opportunity to live and go around without the need to feel self-conscious and humiliated.