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Wellness briefs adult diapersIf you are a caregiver and /or institution we can show you remarkable same savings based on the wholesale pricing that you are currently paying

Feel free to call one of our Incontek® incontinence specialists today so that we can show you a demonstration on how you can significantly reduce and/or eliminate many of your costs while at the same time excelling in patient care.

We can offer you similar savings as stated in the retail pricing chart.

Becoming an Incontek® certified institution will significantly add to your appeal and will help attract the clientele you need for full capacity thereby significantly adding to your revenue.

There is a common misconception that regulation requires that the patient needs to be changed about 8-10 times a day. This is incorrect. The law identifies that an institution must provide the proper incontinence care so that the patient is dry with no skin irritation and susceptibility for infection due to the exposure from the feces and urine.

Using the Wellness brief® will limit the need for changing your patients to once a shift (based on 3 eight hour shifts per day).

Using the Wellness brief® will always keep you compliant with long term care regulations. You will rarely/never receive any violations and will always keep your patients comfortable. So why bother with trying to cut corners with cheap products if you could excell with ours.

Why Unique Wellness Is The Number One Choice for Adult Diapers

newpackaging-smSpace Age Technology
The Unique Wellness® incontinence program is based on the same principles as the Maximum Absorbency Garments ( MAGs ) developed by NASA.

A 2000 study found that the MAG can absorb up to 64 oz (2 liters) of liquid. The tests we conducted show that the Wellness brief® can absorb up to 87 oz (2.6 liters) of liquid!!
The Wellness brief® fully absorbs the liquid and pulls it away from the skin leaving little opportunity for skin irritation.

Cost Effective
The Unique Wellness® incontinence program is the most cost effective and time efficient available. (See More)

Using our program will reduce and/or eliminate 10 or more incontinence costs.
Ease Of Use
Only 3 changes per day and you will prevent rashes.
Wetness indicator indicates if brief is wet.

The multi-functional capabilities of the Incon tek® technology that we incorporate in to the Wellness brief® will reduce landfill by over 70%!!! You will also dramatically reduce (by over 70%) the carbon footprint from the fuel and electricity used for manufacturing briefs, bedpads, and laundering sheets. (See More)

Odor Free
The Wellness brief® has a unique layered system that keeps your area free of the odors associated with incontinence.

Did you know The Wellness brief® acts as an all-in-one multifunctional incontinence device?

Adult Diaper Nasa Inspired

  • Skin sensitive
  • Cost Saving
  • Oder Free
  • Time saving

In an age where multifunctional is an everyday word for cell phones, fax machines, and other ways to combine many everyday items into one device thereby saving space and money we decided to create the  all-in-one multifunctional incontinence device.
The time has come for you to live carefree with dignity and respect with our advanced technology.

Also, visit Why Unique Wellness in order to know more about our products.

How the Unique Wellness® incontinence program is the most cost effective and time efficient available

We view our product as an incontinence program rather than just the brief alone.

While its cost may appear to be significantly costlier than other brands, however in reality our program is far less expensive.

The table provided below clearly shows how the multi-functional Wellness brief® overshadows all other brands in cost effectiveness, time efficiency, and in protecting the environment (click to view The Unique Wellness program and the Environment).


tested absorbency*
Average retail cost per brief Briefs per day Cost per
Briefs per month Cost per Month Briefs per year Cost per year
Up to
24 oz
$.90 7 – 10 $6.30/ $9.00 210 / 300 $189 / $270 2555/
2299.50 / $3285
Up to
87 oz
$1.49 2-3 $2.98 /$4.47 60 / 90 $89 / $133.50 730 / 1095 $1088/

(* Based on large – size, moderate – heavy incontinence, briefs needed to achieve the equivalent absorbency of the 87 oz Wellness Brief, information received from the manufacturer and our own tests. Results and usage may vary.)

The chart above is based on retail cost. If you are an institution we can show you the same savings based on the wholesale costs for low quality briefs that you are currently paying.

Click here to see how the Wellness brief® incontinence program saves you even more money by reducing and/or even eliminating 10 or more other incontinence related costs while at the same time improving patient care.

How the Wellness brief® incontinence program saves you even more money by reducing or even eliminating the following costs-

In a world where time is money using the Wellness brief® greatly reduces the amount of changes needed per day (see Table 1 click here). If you are a caregiver (such as a hospital or rehabitation home) and you are paying a staff on an hourly bases just to accomplish basic tasks such as changing briefs and linen, our program may help you reduce the amount of personel needed per patient. This is aside from the labor needed to wash and fold all of the linen.

If you account for all of the other costs associated with incontince that you are currently dealing with you will clearly see how the multi-functional Wellness brief® saves you a significant amount of money.

Wellness brief®
Regular Briefs
Labor time for changing
6-10 a day
Labor time for changing
For extra
wet or soiled linen
a day
Labor time for laundry 50%-70%
For extra
wet or soiled linen
a day
Costs of garbage removal 50%-70%
For extra
Briefs thrown away
Bed pads None 3 or more per day
6-10 times
a day
70% less – None Applied per change
Latex Gloves for changing 50%-70%
pairs a day
Electricity for laundry 50%-70%
For Extra
wet or soiled linen
a day
Detergents for laundry 50%-70%
For Extra
wet or soiled linen
a day
Room deodorizers 95% less – None Room needs to always be deodorized due to constant smell of urine


Introducing the world’s driest adult diaper – Wellness Briefs – Video


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Introducing Wellness Briefs! These Diapers are a break-through in adult diapers. Never again will you or your loved one be uncomfortable because of incontinence again! 50% less changes per day also make them more cost effective and better for the environment!