How to Take Care of the Elderly Parents At Home

Seniors are people who are over 55 years old. They could be parents to adult children in most cases. At times, society considers people of this age as special because they may not only require psychical support but may require mental support as well. The best care one can give to their elderly parents is taking care of them at home. It reduces the chances of unfriendly caregivers harassing them.

Changes That Come With Old Age

As your parent’s age, they may need a lot of assistance ranging from helping them to deal with medical problems and taking them to the doctor, to managing conditions such as incontinence.

If your elderly parent needs to use an adult diaper every moment, you need to be there for them and offer both financial and emotional support. The health condition comes due to age or illness that affects urine and bowel movement control.

Senior citizens are also prone to falls, and an injury requiring supports or braces can also lead to incontinence issues. While this is not the only thing that summarizes how to take care of your parents, it brings a lot of change in a person’s life.

Your  parent’s caregiver can advise how to use adult briefs to curb problems related to lack of bladder or bowel control.

An adult brief or adult diaper from Wellness Briefs is a product designed to help people who have incontinence problems. Introducing your parents to the benefits of wearing adult diapers or briefs can be a sensitive issue to deal with. One should approach the topic with positivity to highlight the benefits they provide. Your parents may criticize the use of diapers, as people believe that diapers are only for infants and not adults. With them having been parents, needing to use diapers is likely to affect them psychologically. However, with an excellent loving approach, they will feel comfortable and their confidence will grow as they use them.

Caregivers need to encourage elderly parents to use diapers because, with time, it helps them to raise their self-esteem. Faecal and urinal discharge changes how one feels in social places. Briefs are designed to offer maximum protection while locking in the odour. Caregivers should also ensure that the adult diapers they chose for parents, should fit comfortably. Nothing can cause an embarrassing mess like a diaper that does not fit properly. They can cause leakages or could sag in a terrible way.

Adult briefs are not only worn by elderly parents, but also by people who have problems in mobility and by those who suffer with severe dementia as well. Dementia can rob the elderly of their ability to identify instances when they want to visit a toilet. Parents who are bedridden due to various health problems can also benefit from wearing adult briefs. Irritable bowels can cause problems for the elderly. Even those with some control over their bowels will need briefs, especially when they go out, as they cannot run to find a toilet in an emergency, and losing control of their bowels can cause them a big embarrassment.

Advantages of Adult Briefs to the Elderly Parents At Home


Adult briefs are designed to make them comfortable for the user, and provide negligible chances of irritation. Your parents can still engage in their daily activities as long as their mobility is not limited. Adult diapers are well aerated to avoid bad odours that are normally associated with diapers. No one can tell if a person is wearing one because briefs from leading brands like Wellness Briefs are invisible beneath clothes.


When using adult briefs a person is assured of safety as these briefs offer maximum protection. Whether it is faecal or urine incontinence, Wellness briefs have a high absorbency capacity to contain all liquids and discharge. These briefs are made using InconTek technology, which is inspired by NASA, making these diapers revolutionary products in the industry.

Available For Both Genders

Another key advantage is that the briefs from Wellness Briefs are designed for both the male and female genders. You can choose to buy those made specifically for women or men. They are usually perfect when your parents want to engage in outdoor activities. They can walk confidently and mingle with people without fear of leakages or release of a bad odour.

There are also certain briefs made for both genders. They are usually cheaper than the special ones. They work perfectly and can be used at home.

Makes traveling easy and comfortable

Adult briefs are perfect for patients who suffer from dementia as they can go to distant places without the fear of messing themselves in public areas. Your parents can use planes, trains, buses or drive with other family members and enjoy a vacation away from home.

Makes your parents peace of mind

Knowing that he or she will wet the bed can cause your parent a lot of mental stress. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night to a wet bed. Adult briefs will eliminate all these worries, and your parent can sleep peacefully whether at home or while away on a trip.

They are disposable

Wellness briefs are disposable. You just throw them away once they are soiled and put on a fresh one. This makes it easy to use adult diapers because you do not have to worry about cleaning faecal discharge or urine stained washable diapers.

Simple Steps on how to use briefs

  • Unfold the diaper properly

  • Place it from front to back

  • Adjust the briefs until comfortable

  • Tape the diaper once it’s tight and comfortable enough.

High levels of hygiene are essential when using adult briefs. It’s advisable that once done with the diaper; it should be disposed of as recommended.

How Help Support Your Elderly Parents Using Briefs

When buying briefs for your elderly parents, there are things that you must consider. They include the size; as adult briefs come in different sizes. So take measurements especially if it is your first day buying diapers. If your parents are not too comfortable with the diapers and do not want anyone to notice them, get them loose clothes. Wearing dark color clothes also help to make briefs invisible beneath their clothing. Nevertheless, with time, they will get used to the diapers. Make sure that diapers are changed regularly. This helps to prevent odor and irritation caused by saturation. In addition to that, buy diapers according to the time of use. The ones used at night tend to have higher absorbency and offer maximum protection. However, you might find them bulky and therefore not suitable for daytime use.

Get a lotion to keep the skin free of irritation that may be caused by diapers rash.


Adult Briefs Help in Managing Urinary Incontinence Better

Adult Briefs Help in Managing Urinary Incontinence

Stop feeling stranded and low just because you have been diagnosed for urinary incontinence. Get out of your current mindset that something drastic has taken place and get active once again. All you need to do is find the right product to effectively manage your incontinence woes. With dozens of products: briefs, adult diapers, pads and others doing the round, it should not be tough to bounce back to your regular lifestyle. Get going!

Read on for how other elderly in the same boat are managing their mild, moderate or severe urinary or bowel movement incontinence………… in more confident ways.

Disposable Briefs, Protective Garments, Adult Briefs and Pads

By far, the most popular and easily found products for managing this life condition are protective pads and special undergarments for seniors, differently challenged people, and patients suffering from the tell-tale symptoms of incontinence. Available in senior health care stores, local marts, drug outlets and online portals alike, these incontinence products are of immense help in old age homes, hospitals, asylums and homes. They can be selected from a wide range of absorbencies, sizes, styles, and colors. Yes, these products are surely the right way to go.

The commonly used ones are as follows:

Absorbent Pads

Designed differently for the cause of men and women, absorbent pads have adhesive strips that hold them firmly in place within regular / plastic undergarments .The pads are effectively designed to trap 8 ounces of urinary discharge and keep any moisture away from the skin. As they can be changed easily, as and when required, they block all kinds of obnoxious odors too. Quite comfortable for daily wear, these disposable pads offer the highest levels of protection to prevent any public embarrassment.

Incontinence Briefs and Panties

If you are looking for an incontinence product that matches the kind of underwear that you have been wearing for long, then you are in luck. Panties and briefs for women and men suffering from urinary incontinence are shaped on the lines of their everyday underwear, but with a difference. They come packaged with built-in cloth pads and waterproof liners that are capable of absorbing over 10 ounces of urine. Completely washable and reusable, they are available in an exhaustive range of colors to match the wearer’s outfit. The overnight disposable briefs are adeptly designed for holding more urine.

What’s more? There are briefs / panties that are designed for overnight use and day wear alike. Just like pads, these kinds of incontinence underwear also keep moisture away from the skin, are highly absorbent, and know how to control odor.

Disposable Underwear

Similar to incontinence briefs in features and functionality, protective disposable underwear are available in different styles, colors and patterns. They fall in the same category as elastic-banded underwear and can be pulled on and off easily. These disposable underwear have tapes attached to their sides and are quite adjustable for facilitating easy wear and removal. They are also available as overnight and day versions for advanced application purposes.

Disposable / Reusable Flat Pads

You may like to think of menstrual pads when you are referring to these reusable and disposable flat pads; but then, they are different. These pads are designed for collecting higher volumes of urine. They have a protective moisture barrier on one side, and an absorbent layer on the other. When worn, they go a long way in protecting chairs, mattresses and other kinds of seating / lying down areas from any kinds of urinary leaks. In most cases, the pads are equipped with antibacterial and antifungal properties. They also boast of strong adhesive strips that keep them in place. Available in a range of absorbencies, these pads do not make you dig deep into your wallet.

Plastic Pants

Made of special plastic, these panties can fit over regular undergarments and are helpful in providing protection against moderate to mild leaks.

Urethral Inserts and Other Incontinence Products

Though not used commonly, there are many other products that are recommended for handling the signs and symptoms of incontinence in different ways. For instance, doctors recommend pessaries that can be inserted within the vagina for supporting the bladder or compressing the urethra. Available in many sizes and shapes, these pessaries require some trial and error for figuring out the one that works best for a decent fit. On the other hand, urethral inserts are designed to go way inside the urethra and block the urine flow. Sometimes, tampons may work like pessaries for managing mild problems.

The other options include:

  • Penile clamps that provide pressure for keeping the urethra closed for moderate to mild leaks.
  • Male guards that are in the form of small sleeves that can be fit over the upper portion of the penis for containing light moisture.
  • Condom catheters are designed to fit around the penis and end in a specially designed tube that’s attached to a collection bag. This bag can be strapped to the wearer’s body comfortably.

With so many incontinence products available on the racks and new ones being added every day, you need not be concerned about finding the right incontinence management tool for yourself. In addition, you may seek the help of your medical expert to understand the type of products that will go a long way in helping you take control – quickly and effectively.

Disposable Absorbent Underwear & Absorbent Briefs – Know The Difference

Now that you have decided to make incontinence products a part and parcel of your daily life, you would obviously like to know a little more about the various types of absorbent underwear for adults available on the racks, right? Here, you need to be aware that two of the commonest incontinence products are disposable absorbent underwear and adult briefs. You may ask, are they not the same? Contrary to popular knowledge and belief, these products are quite different from each other. Knowing a little more about their common traits and differences will go a long way in helping you decide which one is the right product for you, or a senior / patient under your care.

Read on for a closer look at the world of absorbent underwear and adult briefs.

what are the Adult Absorbent Brief?

Quite different in function and design from most absorbent underwear — adult briefs — or adult diapers as they are commonly called, are disposable garments that tear away from the sides or unfasten for easy removal. Because of their easy-to-use and dispose benefits, they are usually used by the elderly, incontinence patients, or bedridden people who are not comfortable dressing themselves. Such people require the help of their loved ones or caregivers for their incontinence management. As these adult diapers are very comfortable and absorbent, they are worn during the night too. Available with different designs that suit the anatomy of men and women, these briefs provide adequate protection wherever needed.

What is Disposable Absorbent Underwear?

Disposable Absorbent Underwear

The best absorbent underwear feels and looks like traditional clothing, is comfortable against the skin, and provides a proper fit at all times. These high-quality absorbent underwear are quite akin to normal underwear and can be slipped on and off without the need of any fasteners or flaps. This kind of absorbent underwear is most suited for men and women who are still actively involved in their day to day activities and would like to go about their regular life; remaining as discreet and prim as possible. As disposable underwear serves to fit snugly, provides odor control, and is less noisy as adult briefs, it is possible to wear it discreetly.

What are the Washable Absorbent Underwear or Disposable Diapers?

Now, which is better? There are certain important factors that require consideration when you go about the task of deciding upon the product that would be a better option for you. These include:

  • Lifestyle
  • Level of incontinence
  • Degree of mobility

There are many users who find it easy to use adult briefs while they are within the comforts of their homes, and switch over to disposable undergarments when they go outdoors, or for work. It is recommended that you give both these options a try before freezing your buy. The other factors that you need to take a look at are wetness indicators, size, reusability quotient, odor trapping features, levels of protection, and so forth.

Types of Adult Diapers

All briefs have tabs on their sides. They are available in many more designs than normal pull-ups or absorbent underwear. The different kinds of briefs are those that have cloth-like backing, are non-refastenable, have a plastic like support, are refastenable, suitable for day use, and so forth.

The most used of the lot, absorbent diapers with cloth backing are less noisy than those with a plastic backing. The ones with non-refastenable tabs work well for most people and can be fastened just once. They are more economically priced that are available with tabs on the side, or refastenable tabs. The briefs that are labeled for overnight wear are usually the most absorbent of them all and are perfect for people requiring extra absorbency measures in their incontinence products. In addition, there are diapers that are specifically labeled for ‘Light’, ‘Moderate’, or ‘Heavy’ usage. Usually less bulky, and also less absorbent than those meant for bedtime usage, they are meant to be worn during the daytime.

The standard pull-ups or absorbent underwear have no tabs / flaps and are ideal for those suffering from lifestyle conditions dementia. If you look around carefully, you will also come across light incontinence products in the form of reusable diapers for men and women. Though a bit on the expensive side, they prove to be a good alternative for long term purposes. The belted undergarments are provided with padded absorbent surfaces that are attached to specially designed belts. Shaped differently for different kinds of users, these products are quite popular too. Readily available in stores too, fecal incontinence products are used or providing protection against urinary as well as fecal incontinence.

Then, there are the Bariatric briefs that are especially designed for plus sized individuals. Available from various manufacturers in different large sizes, some of them may also go up to extremely large waist sizes. For instance, there are certain briefs in this category that are also suitable for a 94” waist.

Way Forward

With so many products to choose from, there is no dearth of comfort and fit options for you. Simply research upon the factors that require consideration, understand your current and future requirements to the hilt, and go about your life, as normally as ever!

All the best!

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