Absorbent Underwear to Fight Incontinence

Absorbent Underwear to Fight Incontinence

Absorbent underwear is specially designed for day or night protection from incontinence. Whether it is for men and women, absorbent underwear is available in various shapes and sizes. It is available in both washable and disposable types. Absorbent underwear comes in different styles right from boxers to briefs. They are designed and closely resemble regular underwear and used for normal-to-heavy leakage.

It is important to select absorbent underwear based on the anatomy typically associated with a person’s gender, several absorbent underwear are unisex. Absorbent underwear is usually designed to be less bulky than before and precisely built to improve wearer’s self-confidence and dignity.

But how do you make the right decision in selecting absorbent underwear that will help you lead a normal life and carry out your daily activities. There are several incontinence products such as adult diapers and panty liners to manage incontinence level from moderate to severe.

For those suffering from moderate incontinence reusable products seem to be a feasible option. These include incontinence undergarments which resemble normal underwear and are available in various absorbency levels.

Here are few things to keep in mind while selecting absorbent underwear:

Odor Control:

Best quality adult diapers and absorbent underwear not just control leakage, but also eliminate urine odor and control the bacteria responsible for creating odor using latest and cutting-edge technology.

Curb bacteria growth

Unabsorbed urine can often turn into a safe haven for bacteria and easily lead to severe skin infection, as well as urinary tract infections.

Moisture Wick

All absorbent underwear will use technology to “wick” moisture away to keep the wearer feel dry and comfortable.


If you have an active lifestyle, select a product that can adapt to your schedule and can be easily changed. Whether you are planning a barbeque party for friends or a fishing trip with your son, you should be able to trust your absorbent underwear for maximum protection.


Caregivers should ensure that they select the right product to fight incontinence and save wearer from embarrassing condition such as leakage and soiled clothes. This will improve confidence level of people to lead a normal life and socialize with others without any fear. A product with a lower absorption capacity needs to be changed frequently and might be time-consuming as well as an expensive proposition in the long run.

The disposable brands are sold in grocery and drug stores. Shopping online allows you more choices and unbeatable prices, especially if you want to buy in bulk quantities. Online stores offer washable products that will save you money over time and many will deliver to your door in a highly discrete manner.

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