NASA Diapers – Boon for Urine Incontinency Sufferers

Is a loved one of yours bed ridden or facing the issue of urine incontinency? Are you or your family is stressed with frequent changing of diaper or clothes? Do you want to know the best way get a full night sleep without bothering about your bladder problems? The one answer to all your questions is the Unique Wellness Diapers.

The main quality that makes the wellness diapers a more preferred choice than the rest of the products available in the market are that they are made using the space age technology. They are the manufacturers of adult diaper that are most comprehensive, cost effective, healthiest and environmentally friendly incontinence solution available today. These wellness NASA diapers offers new hope for the more than 25 million Americans living with incontinence.

The manufacturers of the NASA diapers ensure that though till now any big revolution has not been made to help the sufferers of incontinency, their unique program brings the much needed relief and comfort they deserve. This program promises a dry and comfortable feel that is also free from urine exposure and needs to change only three diapers in whole of 24 hours. Whereas the other general diapers need 7-8 changes that too might not ensure a 100% no exposure of urine. This makes these diapers not only user friendly but also eco friendly.

“The manufacturers proudly state that their product reduces 70% of landfill as frequent change is not required. This truly unique product is designed to sustain the whole night and the user does not need to change during the night. This highly brings down the diaper cost, stress level caused due to improper sleep, laundry costs, chances of urinary tract infection and skin problems.”

The unique NASA diapers consists of multilayer that goes up to three layers. The same technology that was used by NASA to MAG’s is being used in the manufacturing of these inners. The first layer absorbs any type of fluid and retains it thus keeping the topmost layer in constant contact with the skin completely dry and comfortable. Three MAG’s were supplied to the astronauts for the entire trip, in the same way three adult briefs are sufficient for a whole 24 hours.

This product has been made with a deep understanding about the incontinency and its related problems. It ensures to protect the user from urine exposure, leakage, skin rashes and infections, odor and lack of sleep due to weak bladder. Their professional sales is always ready to clear and answer any query you have about the wellness program. So why not find out more by visiting the web site and gift your loved one an embarrassment and trouble free life!!!!

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