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Adult Diapers and Briefs, Adult Incontinence Products

Welcome to Unique Wellness. A producer of the world’s most absorbent adult diapers! and adult pull-ups! The Wellness Briefs and Absorbent Underwear (Pull Ups) are made with NASA inspired technology making them the driest adult diapers on the market. Designed to mimic NASA’s Maximum Absorbency Garment the Wellness Briefs and Absorbent Underwear (Pull Ups) immediately wicks away urine to an entirely separate layer and locks it there keeping the skin completely dry and free of exposure. With our revolutionary system based approach of 1 change every 8 hours it puts you back in control of your incontinence! Imagine, not having to worry about when you have to change your adult diaper! Are you looking for cheap diapers for adults? Thinking that because of how our product works you probably have to pay a fortune? Wrong, our products are guaranteed to save you money! How much you might wonder? How does 70% savings over even the most generic product on the market sound? This savings makes them the cheapest adult diapers you can buy. But, this savings also extends to all the products you might need to go along with your disposable adult diapers. What kinds of products? By reducing the number of changes to just 3 in a day we also have reduced the need for latex gloves, cleansing wipes, and have eliminated the need for bed pads all together! If you believe that you need a different overnight adult diaper or that there should be adult diapers for men and adult diapers for women, then we are here to prove you wrong! The Wellness Briefs and Absorbent Underwear (Pull Ups) were designed for use day and night, for both men and women! Use the Wellness Briefs and Absorbent Underwear (Pull Ups) and make your adult incontinence problem disappear!

Why Unique Wellness Incontinence Program

  • SPACE AGE TECHNOLOGYThe Wellness® Brief and Underwear is based on the same principles Developed by NASA. The multi-layered Wellness® Brief and Underwear fully absorbs the liquid and locks it away in another layer.
  • COST EFFECTIVEThe Unique Wellness® incontinence program is the most cost effective and time efficient available by requiring less changes than needed with other diapers and reduces other costs associated with incontinence.
  • AWARD WINNING PRODUCTThe Wellness Brief won the MedTrade Innovative product award! Wellness Products were featured on the Discovery channel and were just awarded the Medtrade 2013 Innovative Retail Product Award!.
  • SKIN FRIENDLYThe facts about skin irritation and how using Wellness® Products will easily prevent this problem. Only 3 scheduled changes per day will keep you dry and prevent rashes.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLYOur adult diapers will reduce landfill by up to 70%!!! You will also dramatically reduce the carbon footprint by over 70%, from the fuel and electricity used for manufacturing briefs, bedpads, and laundering sheets.
  • ODOR FREEThe Wellness® Brief and Underwear has a unique layered system that keeps your area free of the odors associated with incontinence by containing them within the diaper.

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